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10. Lecture on stacks and queues

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A short quiz will be given, then the rest of the time will be allotted for projects. The deadline for milestone 1 (basic networking) has been extended to tonight, 2004.02.24 11:59:59 PM.

Milestone 2: Networking (20 points total)

Due Monday 2004.03.01, 11:59:59 PM

- 15 points of 20: Play a two-player game where one player connects to


- 20 points of 20: If you have a game that can take any number of

players, any number of players should be able to connect to a game. If you have a game that takes only a certain number of players (ex: 2), you should have a server that allows people to meet other people who want to play that game. Your program should take care of setting up the appropriate connections.

Again, submit your source code and your notes on:

- changes you made - problems you encountered - solutions found - problems you still haven't solved - next step


9. TODL, variation on LISP for cyborgs

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From Joe Corneli (jcorneli@math.utexas.edu)
Subject Re: displaying one character per line.
To help-gnu-emacs (help-gnu-emacs@gnu.org)
Date Tue Feb 24 03:47:55 2004 +0800

I want to be able to switch between different list views of a document. For example, one might want to look at a text document as a list of characters, a list of words, a list of phonemes, a list (tree) of syntactic clauses, a list of sentences, or a list of topic sentences that link to paragraphs, etc. Characters just happen to be the simplest.

This is part of designing a mode I call todl-mode (for TODo List). TODL is a variation on LISP specially designed for cyborgs :). The idea is that if you can switch between different list views and add hyperlinks to elements of each view, you will have a very powerful tool for processing information.

I think of it as being somewhere in between lisp-mode, emacs-wiki-mode, and something like outline-mode. It should be possible to implement a TODL variant for any kind of code (so todl-mode is also something like font-lock-mode).

E-Mail from Joe Corneli

8. Cute calendar

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I wonder if it might not be worth implementing this for PlannerMode...

7. Better RFC for mail messages


Thanks, Karl Skibinski!

(See, having my work notes online is a Good Thing.)

E-Mail from Karl Skibinski

6. The late night hack strikes again!

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<sigh> Lots of little bugs. Most embarrassing. My bad.

5. Lurker must do something like this already...

Duh, Sacha.

4. Another point: out of order messages

We should store unresolved message-ids somewhere and fill them in later when we see them.


3. RFC for mail messages

2. I don't need to worry about mbox parsing yet

I can fake it first for testing, anyway, and worry about mboxes later. In fact, I might even end up having formail do the extraction - but that would be cheating now... ;)


1. Unix MBOX provider for javamail

jmibanez sachac: aha! http://dog.net.uk/knife !
jmibanez sachac: a unix MBOX provider!