February 25, 2004, 1:00 - 6:00 PM UP Engineering Theater, Diliman, Quezon City

Open Sourcing UP is a seminar about Open Source ideology and software technologies. It answers the fundamental question of why UP, and the Philippines in general, should embrace the empowering movement to an Open Source community. It also showcases software technologies such as Latex, Python, R, SNNS and LTSP.


7. New feature in Java 1.5, which has been released

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The new Scanner class provides the long awaited simplified keyboard input! Finally no more need to rely on third-party classes or suffer through painful declarations and conversions. Thanks to all of you who have added your voice to those of us urging Sun to address this issue. The Scanner class can parse input based on regular expressions as well.

E-Mail from John Lewis

6. Eighth Workshop on Pedagogies and Tools for the Teaching and Learning of Object Oriented Concepts


I wish I could do research like this...

<blockquote> Successfully applying object-oriented techniques requires a thorough understanding of basic object-oriented concepts. However, teaching and learning these concepts have proven to be very difficult in the past.

Using traditional programming languages, concepts could be introduced step by step. Abstract and advanced concepts, like for example modules and abstract data types could be handled as an afterthought. In the object-oriented paradigm, the basic concepts are tightly interrelated and cannot easily be taught and learned in isolation, making these tasks much more challenging.

Switching to object-oriented development is not just a matter of programming languages. Focusing on the notational details of a certain language prevents students from grasping the "big picture". Many traditional examples are furthermore not very suitable for the teaching and learning of object-oriented concepts. Many popular examples (like for example 'Hello World') actually contradict the rules, guidelines and styles we want to instil in our students.

Educators must therefore be very careful when selecting/developing examples and metaphors. Rules and misconceptions that students develop based on doubtful examples will stand in the way of teachers and learners as well.

This is the eighth in a series of workshops on issues in object-oriented teaching and learning. Previous workshops were held at OOPSLA'97, ECOOP'98, OOPSLA'99, ECOOP'00, OOPSLA'01, ECOOP'02 and ECOOP'03.


We solicit contributions describing experiences, ideas and resources to support the teaching and learning of basic object- oriented concepts. We especially welcome submissions on the topics listed below, but will consider other topics as well:

- successfully used examples and metaphors; - approaches and tools for teaching (basic) object-oriented concepts; - approaches and tools for teaching analysis and design; - ordering of topics, in particular when to teach analysis and design; - experiences with innovative CS1 curricula and didactic techniques; - learning theories and pedagogical approaches / methods; - representation of learning resources; - distance education / net-based learning; - collaborative learning; - guiding the learners; - learners' view(s) on object technology education; - development of the learner's competence;


This workshop will bring together educators, researchers, and practitioners from academia and industry to share and discuss experiences, ideas and resources to support the teaching and learning of object-orientation. We also want to encourage trainees or students to report experiences from the learners' point of view.

People from other areas than computer science or educational research in general are also welcome, but they should clearly state how their work can be applied to the learning and teaching of object technology.

Attendance to the workshop is limited. Participation will be by invitation only, based on the organizing committee's evaluation of a position paper. The submission should be accompanied by the author(s)' main message and a desired topic for working group discussions.

Contributions should not exceed 8 pages in length and be sent to J=FCrgen B=F6rstler (jubo@cs.umu.se) no later than April 5. We would prefer PDF format, but will also accept Postscript, Word, or HTML files.

Each submission should be accompanied by (1) a short biography of the author(s); (2) the author(s)' main message/position; and (3) a desired topic for working group discussions.


Position paper due: April 5
Notification of acceptance: April 26
Deadline for early registration: May 7
Workshop: June 14 or 15

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5. Eighth Workshop on Pedagogies and Tools for the Teaching and Learning of Object Oriented Concepts

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Note to self: check for proceedings.

E-Mail from JXrgen BXrstler

4. Teaching thoughts

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One of my CS21A students wrote:

hehe. Thanks, I'll try and make it there. Wow, you're the only prof I have who's still very much excited about the class. :) My other profs seem like they just want to bite our heads off and get it over with. hehehe. j/k

I hope I can keep this up!

E-Mail from Jim I.

3. Nethack

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Ooooh, level 17: I get tele-control!

2. Density/gravity map of orkut profiles geographically mapped across the US

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http://www.the-mathclub.net/orkutp.gif and the z-axis luminosity is normalized and calcuate as sum [ 1/d.i^2 ]

Link from orkut channel on irc.freenode.net

1. Nethack!

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Take a short break from my usual chaotic female dark elven wizard character and try out lawful human valkryies. Don't do too well. Magic? What magic?

Go back to elven evoker and try the same old thing. Oh, good, ring of slow digestion. That's really handy. Spellbook of wizard lock? What the heck? What am I going to lock?

Pick up elven dagger quickly. Ooh, artifact weapon very handy.

Leisurely go through the first few levels. Make friends with almost all the pets I find. No problem with food. Head down normal branch and get to around level 8 before heading back to do the Mines.

Run into my old bones files on a _very_ scary bones level. See, I spent time as a green dragon in one of my past lives, so I had a couple of baby green dragons hanging out at Minetown. Hostile. Plus assorted pets from my other past lives. Shudder to think of what would happen if pesky monsters found all those wands that wizard characters leave lying around. Run until main grave is found.

Forget that I can't E-word on a grave. ARGH. Step to one side, scribble E-word, and whack away with Sting. Grab loot - all cursed, of course - and dump it on altar in Minetown, which is unfortunately not co-aligned. Have not seen co-aligned altar all this game, and am resigned to fact of life.

Run into my other bones file in the temple. Wand of fire picked up earlier very useful - burn E-word nto ground near altar (remembered not to try to write on altar!) and dump stuff there. Have to make several trips back and forth as stupid previous evoker died on top of altar. Pick up useful-looking uncursed/blessed things. Pseudo-identify cursed bag of holding from vanishing contents; salvage a couple of uncursed spellbooks from it (wheee!), including +oSleep.

Discover sleep is absolutely wonderful spell as can whack away at sleeping monsters for a number of turns before waking them up. Hope they're dead before then.

Jump through hole in temple to rest of Minetown, followed by two tame cats. Wander around collecting stuff.

Oops. Magic trap. Telepathy very good thing as hate the idea of killing my pets.

ACK! Bloody Green-elf has a /oCM! Scribble E-word a few times (having it as a keyboard macro Really Helps!) and go after that blasted elf. Hurry to grab wand before other monsters get bright ideas. In meantime, this section of the mine has gotten Really Crowded...

E-word saves the day.

Find towel. Pets think it's okay, so drop the blindfold I'd been using.

Wander around some more. Decide to see what monsters are still on the level.

Oops. Right. Dropped the blindfold and picked up a towel a few turns back, which meant that my blinding device was now at (m) instead of (n), which meant...

Uh oh. Accidentally put on an un-IDed ring.

Uh oh. It's stuck.

Oh no! Cursed ring alert! Run up the stairs quickly. If I can get this ring off in the Minetown fountains (apologies to the guards!), then I might still be able to survive...

Find myself changing into a vampire on the way. Uh oh. Ring of polymorph. While this isn't a half-bad form, I'm going to have to periodically drop all my stuff if I change to a weak form...

I scrawl the E-word with my fingers. Hey, that's pretty cool.

Change into a vampire bat. Do nothing for a few rounds, as can't move a handspan with all my loot. Can't even cast spells.

Change into a vampire. Hey, high strength can be quite handy sometimes. Continue running for the fountain.

Dip the ring into the fountain. Whew! It glowed!

Slip the ring off and wander around as a vampire waiting for my form to return to normal. Tell myself to remember to use m instead of n to blind self.

Head down to Mines' End. A quick !PoOD tells me that someone's already cleaned out the gem cache. Fortunately, the culprit is standing right to me, so I zap the dwarf with force bolts until he implodes. Grab whatever loot there was.

Head back up.

Wander around.

Take off armor (can't rip that apart now, only set I have), put on uncursed poly ring, and wait. Turn into gray dragon. Ooh. Am satiated and have ring of slow digestion, so have fun laying gray dragon eggs. 4 hatch.

Take off ring and return to human. Am followed by 4 dragons. Other pets died some time ago.

Get teleportitis. Was hoping for teleport control, but can't have everything.

Go to big room. Uh oh. Wands on the floor. Make run for all the wands within reach, then beeline for the down-staircase. Darn, Sokoban stairs on this level too, but shouldn't go up there while still no teleport control or rock-bypassing attack like magic missile.

Go down. Have to leave pets behind, sniff sniff, but nasty troll with poleaxe is very convincing.

Wander around. Decide to go back up, having remembered that bones file left cursed magic whistle that will still work some of the time.

Uh oh. Former pet dragons no longer tame. Darn! They were so nice at that.

Run up, run down to Minetown, grab whistle, and try to dunk it in every fountain found. Eventually uncurse it.

Silly me forgets to bring magic marker from stash for uncursing also. Oh well. Blessed scroll of remove curse would have been really handy.

Go down. Put on unidentified uncursed ring for kicks.

Wander around. Accidentally put on =oPoly

Get message: "What kind of monster would you like to polymorph into?"

Stare at message.

Whoop for joy. Poly _and_ poly control! That, and slow digestion, and lots of rations...


Save game quickly and take a step back. Do not want to accidentally screw up game due to late-night play. Wheeeeeeeee. =)