Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
A1XPrepare finals for Jim {{Tasks:484}} (CS21A.Teaching)
A2XBuild new kernel with everything in. {{Tasks:537}}
A3XReply {{Tasks:534}} (E-Mail from praze)
A4XTeach stacks and queues {{Tasks:463}} (CS21B.Teaching)
A5XMark up finished tasks with a strike-out {{Tasks:522}} (PlannerModeCompletedTasks)
B1XReply {{Tasks:482}} (E-Mail from Frederik Fouvry)


13:30 15:30 CS161 finals at C115
16:30 17:00 Help out with code
17:00 18:00 Dinner at Max
18:00 18:30 Poke around computer
19:00 19:30 Hot chocolate with Marcelle
19:30 20:00 planner.el maintenance


8. Umbrella.net: Ad hoc social networks

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7. Brilliant idea!

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Global planner IDs should be hyperlinks in their own right. They are of the form

plan://id-number or plan://id-number/page,page,page,page

But then how do we define anchors and references?

Reference: plan:///id-number or plan:///id-number/page,page,page,page (note: triple-slashes)

Or maybe plan:id-number[/page,page,page] for the anchor. Double-slashes will not be updated.

I want IDs because I'd like to e able to update notes in case of typos.

Then this is no longer emacs-wiki-id, but really just planner-id.

Yikes, I will so break the existing planner-id support with this... There must be a better way. At the very least, I should offer a conversion function.


6. Thoughts on planner-notes

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Actually, subcategories are already handled by separate plan pages, so I don't need subtopics any more. I would, however, like to see all the note headlines, possibly bounded by certain dates. That would be fun. In which case, I don't need to merge anything in from planner-notes - I can just work with the export functions I already have in planner-experimental.


5. Nifty ideas for PlannerMode

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- A list of all the notes related to a BBDB contact. I'd have to parse

out all the bbdb links, covert them into canonical names and match them against the records, but it would be fun.

- General emacs-wiki hyperlinks.

- Recurring tasks.

- Ongoing projects and the next task in them. Upon task completion,

the next task in the project would be scheduled. Actually, this is already handled by future tasks, but this flexibility might be fun. Forces you to think of the next step.

- Monthly headlines in a calendar.

- Notes index by month, by year.

- timeclock integration into my Schedule.

4. Oooh, Emacs ubercoder status

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<johnw> sachac: want to take over emacs-wiki?
<johnw> sachac: damien handed it off to somebody else, but I think you would do a good job
<johnw> sachac: and then you'll control the package that planner.el sits on
<johnw> sachac: enable you to do more extensive mods.. :)
<johnsu01> johnw: can you offer any advice on using planner-diary.el? not having any luck getting diary entries to
           display in my planner.
<johnw> johnsu01: i've never even heard of planner-diary.el!!
<sachac> johnw: Mark Triggs is in charge of emacs-wiki now...
<sachac> johnw: I've got a couple of patches for it, and am waiting for him to merge the ones he likes.
<johnw> sachac: well, since nobody asked me, I am offering it to you
<sachac> johnsu01: Oh! That's Thomas Gehrlein's package, right?
<johnw> sachac: but if you two are working together already, then that's fine too
<sachac> johnw: Haven't heard much from him, but I'd love to help out. Thanks for the offer! =) I'll let him try it out
          first; if he's too busy to maintain it, then I'll offer to take over. emacs-wiki is way cool.
<johnw> sachac: awesome; i'd rather see it in your hands, because i know you and know the good work you've done with
<johnw> sachac: if you're doing planner and remember both, all the more reason to add emacs-wiki, schedule and timeclock
        to your list :)
<johnw> all i'm going to say is, it's really too bad you are so young and so far away; you are an awesome girl, sacha --
        and quite an uebercoder yourself!

3. ERC bot enhancements

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I should add a hook that parses channel messages, extracts keywords, runs them through my database and populates a circular queue of likely "nick: canned answer" combinations.

2. Linux Installfest at Mapua IT Center

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When: March 4 to 5 (9 am to 6 pm)
Where: Ground floor, East Wing Hallway, Mapua IT Center Building<br>333 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave (cor. Reposo)<br>Makati City
Cost: Absolutely free! (Including software installation and services)
What to Bring: CPU, monitor, mouse, keyboard, power cords and other devices you may want configured. (We have spare monitors but they're limited)
Inquiries: Email mitc-lug@linux.mapua.org or etxt "LUG TELL &lt;your question&gt;" to 2355 (Globe only)
Registration: Download the registration form from http://linux.mapua.org or get a copy from Ms. Jemma (MITc Faculty Room, 2nd Floor MITc building)

1. Linked list lecture postponed to Tuesday, March 2

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I have CS161 finals for seniors from 1:30 to 3:30 today, so please use class time to work on milestone 2.

This is:

Feel free to ask your classmates for help or help your classmates figure things out. You can share tips, talk about bugs you encountered, and even look at other people's source code. However, you are responsible for making sure that you understand the code in your program. What you get out of an education is only as much as you put in - if you just copy and paste, you'll have a hard time later on! =)

Milestone 2: Networking

- 15 points: Two-player game - 20 points: A server that can accept all the people who try to connect to it. The server should make it easier for people to find people to play with, and should automatically set up the game once the player chooses opponents.

These milestones are guidelines. If you miss them or do not implement them exactly, I want you to send me detailed notes on what you _are_ doing. You are responsible for your results. If you miss the milestones and do not complete your project, you may want to reevaluate your priorities or learn how to manage your time wisely. =)