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A1XCheck finals {{Tasks:545}} (E-Mail from Ariel Maguyon)


15:00 17:30 Finish the grades
17:30 19:30 Go to the supermarket and bookstore
22:30 23:30 Package emacs-wiki deb


6. Action groups for Emacs

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Agroups (Action Groups) 2.3 for Emacs has been released and is available for download at

If you like to automate your day to day work-flow you might like Agroups.

Short Overview

Action Groups are groups of action entries that an Emacs user can create, save, name and access quickly. In a general sense these actions are any automation that a user can imagine to help with his activities. The user instantiates these automations as action entries which are a specific instances of some action from the current collection of actions. Actions can be as simple as finding a commonly used file in a buffer, to more complex like executing a previously defined keyboard macro, to very complex like an unimaginable whopper defined by a user created Action Template. Action Templates are an extensibility feature of Action Groups and allows the user to easily create new actions, Agroups supplies a useful predefined collection of actions created with Action Templates.

A collection of action entries is called an action group. Typically the user associates each action group with a concentrated activity such as a project. Each entry of an action group is associated with a specific instance of an action. A group itself is actually an entry associated with a special action called `group' so that a group entry can be yet another group itself. This implies that groups can have subgroups and subgroups can have subgroups and so on. This gives the user structured organizational capabilities.

The Action Groups facility was designed to allow easy and fast creation of groups and entries to help automate an Emacs user's work. At the same time it was designed to allow fast execution of the entries. To this end a user can use the Emacs completion facility to execute entries or key bindings or a combination of both.

E-Mail from William Paul Vrotney

5. Emacs chess

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I'll need to look at chess-pgn-read-plies to get emacs-wiki support for chess stuff.

4. Oooh, aptitude

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aptitude has some nifty improvements! Nice break tracing.

3. WHEE!

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CS161 4th year grades are done. The people who failed the course failed with scores far below the passing mark and have consistently been performing badly anyway. Congrats to Wendilyn Ong on her B.

2. Nethack: getting out of trouble

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Have a look at the spoilers 'Getting out of trouble':

E-Mail from bibe

1. Videoke results

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Ranulf 70 Hammer time
Peppy 93 How am I supposed to live without you?
Jerome 100 Michelle
Sacha 83 Close to you
Peppy 94 Baby you're all that I want
Jerome 98 Be my lady
Marcelle 96 Di na natuto
Jerome 99 I have a dream
Marcelle 95 Foolish heart
Peppy 100 Kokomo
Jerome 95 You've got a friend
Marcelle 98 Endless love (duet with himself)
Peppy 100 On bended knee
Eric 00 The impossible dream
Ranulf 92 If you really love a woman
All 87 Bohemian rhapsody
Eric 97 Staying Alive
All 89 We are the champions
Marcelle 100 Sana maulit muli
Jerome 92 High school
Eric 100 Englishman in New York
Peppy 76 Living la vida loca
Ranulf 94 Love of my life
Jerome 98 Moon river
Ranulf 95 Crazy little thing called love
Marcelle 97 darna
Eric and Jerome 85 Voltes V
Eric 94 Foolish heart
Peppy 94 It must have been love
Eric 100 La bamba
Jerome 80 Never been to me
Peppy 95 Right here waiting
Eric 100 Kahit kailan
Marcelle 100 Awit ng barkada
Jerome 99 Fernando
Sacha 81 Top of the world
Ranulf 95 Break it down
Eric 99 Eternal flame
Sacha 91 Tragedy
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