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5. Why am I interested in short stories?

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Flash Art

Who can paint summer in fifty brushstrokes and three colors? Brushes and palettes clattered throughout the warehouse, artists bent on a challenge beyond mind-numbing portraits and caricatures. It didn't pay the rent, but it kept us sharp.

Hours passed. Still a blank canvas. The judges grew impatient. "The competition's only until three." I took no notice. Someone won. I don't know who.

Alone in a warehouse. Brush on paper - a broad, confident stroke. I smiled.

E-Mail to irvpliskin@bee.net

4. nowikilink

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It would be nice to have a tag that turns off implicit wikiname linking...

3. LEO

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I think this is a pretty cool idea, but I want it inside Emacs, not as an external application - not even if I can use Emacs as an external editor. I remember running across something vaguely related - some form of category browser.

Nice, but I'll only use it if it works within Emacs. ;)

2. CS21B meeting

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- Design patterns - Make your own questions: 2 questions, 10 points - Composite (shapes), Observer (listeners), Strategy (sorting), Decorator (files)

Procedure for thinking about network programs - Who are talking? "hosts" - What info does each need? Think about data objects that will be passed on network - Who has what? - Sequence


A: design patterns or data structures B+: infinite connections B: no obvious bugs C+: documentation for install and play C: networked, two-player, multi-threaded

Sacha: linked lists today, announce extension and schedule of defense

1. NetHack progress

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Another new character. Now level 11 and camping near an altar. Have picked up a couple of magic markers, blessed two of them, wrote ?oCharging. Recycling spellbooks: wrote +oIdentify and +oCM on the same spellbook. Have Magicbane, hope to get spellbooks off god.

So far so good. Potions and scrolls in short supply, though.