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A1XAnswer flashxer challenge {{Tasks:570}} (E-Mail from Irv Pliskin)
B1XAdd a <nop>WikiPage field to BBDB records {{Tasks:581}} (PlannerModeBBDB)
B2XFix planner index {{Tasks:592}} (PlannerModeCompletedTasks)
B3XMerge in patch that scans for title tags {{Tasks:591}} (EmacsWikiMode)
B4XTasks created from non-planner-name-matching files should have square-brackets automatically {{Tasks:587}} (PlannerModeCompletedTasks)



4. Googling for recipes

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Here's the incantation you need to use.
QUERY (site:allrecipes.com | inurl:epicurious | inurl:recipesource | site:cooking.com | inurl:Recipezaar )


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Company bonding, so we're out for billiards this afternoon. I spot an easy shot, although long - ricochet off the walls and pocket the last two balls. My gal claps when she sees how I've lined it up. The boss watches me intently, twisting his cue stick. I think of the rent, and carefully miss.

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2. Techie dinner

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Last night, I had dinner with William Yu, Miguel Paraz, and Jijo Sevilla. Jijo organized the get-together.

While waiting for Migs and William, Jijo and I chatted about his new IT consultancy. He described the fat client Debian-based system he had in mind, with computers automatically drawing updated packages from a central repository. Jijo wanted to know what I thought of the project.

I told him to check out FAI, a Debian package for doing fully-automated installs. I also told him about configure packages to help propagate configurations. He could set up a network-booting system, with CD backups in case the network went down. He was delighted - these tidbits would make his job a whole lot easier.

He asked me because he knew I watched the debian-user list and so might know of similar problems and solutions.

Here's how I keep an idea of all Debian packages in my head:

- I spent some time reading the package summaries of all the packages

available in Debian's unstable+experimental archives. This was part of choosing new packages to install, so it was fun.

- I use aptitude's "forget" command to mark all of those packages as old.

- Whenever I update my package lists, aptitude marks packages I

haven't seen as "new."

- I review those and then use "forget" again to mark all of them as old.

That's how I keep track of all existing packages available for i386. I still use apt-cache search and aptitude's search functions extensively, but at least I know what to look for.

I also watch debian-devel for Intent to Package (ITP) announcements. I used to keep track of freshmeat.net, but found it too far from my normal workload, and not useful enough.

Looks like that's my Geek Power - I'm a search engine. ;)

1. plan and BBDB

I want to collect all of my notes about people into wiki pages about them so that I can easily see timestamps. I will also need to cross-reference. In the meantime, I can keep this information in my daily notes.


- Privacy? I'd like some things public and some things encrypted. - planner-bbdb-remember dependencies. I think I'll need the condition-case idiom.