Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
B1XRegister my key with a keyserver {{Tasks:623}}
B2XFix CS_CHECK, CFG_CHECK2 {{Tasks:637}} (../../tmp/linux-2.6.3-rc3/drivers/net/wireless/hostap_cs.c)
B3XDescribe planner-erc {{Tasks:638}} (Chat with johnsu01 on zelazny.freenode.net%23emacs)
B4Xplanner-search-notes-previous-match and planner-search-notes-next-match {{Tasks:630}} (PlannerModeCompletedTasks)
B5XCheck out {{Tasks:557}} (E-Mail from John Wiegley)
B6XReply {{Tasks:569}} (E-Mail from Rainer Volz)
B7XResize my partitions {{Tasks:458}}
B8XGet user comments on PlannerModeNotesIndexDemo {{Tasks:616}} (PlannerModeNotesIndex)
B9XMake it easy to edit emacs-wiki links, as if we do the funky escaping thing, we can't easily edit them any more. {{Tasks:627}} (EmacsWikiMode)

~/.diary schedule

12:30 13:30 CS161 at IBM Room
13:30 14:30 CS161 at IBM Room
15:30 16:30 CS21A at F227


10. Planner tasks from notes

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Planner tasks from notes should update the notes page that they link to while maintaining the special links. This means that planner-jump-to-linked-task needs to be smarter.

Let us look at case 1: Link to plan page note

The plan page has a date link, no anchor. The date page has a plan link with an anchor. Example:

 #A1  _ Foo (2004.03.11)
 #A1  _ Foo ([[SomePage#1][SomePage]])

Problem! The plan page does not contain enough information to reconstruct the link if necessary. I can't think of a neat way to fix this yet. Can anyone?

9. Ah, I have an old version of httpd.el

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I need a newer version from http://www.chez.com/emarsden/downloads/ if I want to try this. I should also get johnw's httpd-serve.


8. Got httpd.el working. Now to figure out how to get it to work with emacs-wiki...

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7. ASTI Embedded Systems Group looking for interns

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The Embedded Systems Group of the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI-DOST) is looking for highly motivated techie undergrads for it's summer internship program. Qualified applicants should be undergraduates in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, ECE, and related fields. Knowledge in either C/C++, the Linux kernel and OS, or device drivers, etc. is a plus, but all other applicants are welcome to apply anyway. Send in your updated resume to embedded@asti.dost.gov.ph and we would contact you asap. Flyers would hopefully be distributed to the individual departments within the week.

I highly recommend this. =) I was part of the embedded systems group during my summer practicum. Those guys are cool. (And I got to hack on the Linux iPAQ a bit more...)

E-Mail from Paolo Lim

6. Game defense

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minesweeper 16:48

You can select a level. Recursion. Mouse listener. New. Moves left.

Next graphics.

Rock paper scissors

Cool: pictures. Basic game, from no experience. Score. AI. Next step: animation? two-player? correctly facing images.


Cool: error-checking

How to fix the X thing? Ah, okay, he knows how. In terms of skill, shows promise. Game needs a bit of work, but that's about it. =) Also, code could probably use methods.

Next: graphics, improve the code


- <nop>NumberFormat, but they know that already =) - random events - interest - changing prices - range - new thing: no layout


Cool - arrays, interface, classic gameplay

5. Template for CS21A project defense

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- How can we install and play your game? - What problems did you encounter programming the game, and how did you solve them? - What did you learn from this project and how did you learn that? - Aside from the things we learned in class, did you learn anything else while working on the game? - What would you like to learn how to do next?

4. Planner now supports ERC

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To create a task based on ERC chat, position the point on a line in an ERC chat window. It will pick up the current nick, channel, and server. See documentation inside planner-erc.el for more details.


(defvaralias 'remember-annotation-functions 'planner-annotation-functions)

Chat on zelazny.freenode.net%23emacs

3. On the usefulness of planner

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  <dto> this really is perfect. I had different projects at work, so I would end up with FooProject, which had a todo list
        and important links and information, sort of an executive summary
  <dto> then I would have FooProjectJournal, which had a sort of blog in it, where I would paste snippets of stuff... on
        unix you need to keep track of text
  <sachac> Yup, you can do that! =)
  <dto> so this is really a very natural transition, except planner does it for you
  <sachac> Or you can just stick the * Notes section at the end of your plan page for FooProject, where it doesn't really
           matter unless you scroll down. <laugh>
  <dto> I was doing it all manually in a MoinMoin wiki

Chat with dto on zelazny.freenode.net%23emacs

2. On snarfing Outlook schedule entries

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As we now mostly use ~/.diary for our schedule entries, Outlook schedule import is not PlannerMode's problem any more. ;) It would be kinda nice for RememberMode, though.


1. Should emacs-wiki links be easily editable?

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With the recent addition of `emacs-wiki-link-escape' and `emacs-wiki-link-unescape', links are now unescaped before displaying. This makes them uneditable. People probably shouldn't be editing the links manually as this can screw up planner links (among others), but I should provide an easy way to edit the link at point. I have a function in my emacs-wiki-config.el to do that. I'll probably bind to C-c C-e, which makes sense.