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Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
B1XMake a list of universities and research interests {{Tasks:674}} (TripToAuAndNz)
B2XAdd recurring tasks based on planner-id.el - johnsu01 wants tehm {{Tasks:666}} (PlannerModeCompletedTasks)
B3XMake planner-goto-yesterday/tomorrow/etc not use another window from Chat with k-man on {{Tasks:665}} (PlannerModeCompletedTasks)
B4XAdd remember-to-region functionality to remember-to-planner on universal prefix {{Tasks:664}} (Chat with dto on
B5XLook at Stefan's vc-arch.el {{Tasks:661}}
B6XAllow date specification of +3 for in three days time from Chat with k-man on {{Tasks:659}} (PlannerModeCompletedTasks)
B7XConfirm that (parens) in tasks works {{Tasks:658}} (PlannerModeCompletedTasks)
B8XFigure out way to deal with (parens) in tasks. from E-Mail from Thomas Gehrlein {{Tasks:654}} (PlannerModeCompletedTasks)



11. Directory of Australian postgraduate research in computer science

How helpful of them! This is so cool.

10. More about diagrams in Linux

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From Allan Espinosa:

xfig is a great clipart diagramming editor the "wysiwyg" component does not look too good when zoomed out. for example, a polygon created does not look like a "polygon" but just jagged lines. But when zoomed in the polygon can be seen. The rendering to postscript was also exceptionally good with anti-aliasing. what are you guys using to edit *.fig files? will compilation with xaw3d widgets fix this or the xaw3d libraries are just eyecandy? the screenshots from the site looks nicely rendered but i thinked they zoomed it enough not to show all the ugly aliasing and poor rendering

xfig is good for quick and dirty diagrams but if i want to have good looking pictures with subscripts and formulas I use GNU pic/ dpic with m4 macros. the circuit_macros package from is one of the best schematic drawing packages out there. The output looks like text-book quality schematics!

E-Mail from allan espinosa

9. An anthology of teacher stories

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This anthology seeks submissions including fiction from teachers ("all levels, full and part time, pre- or post-service") on the theme of "things lost and found in our classrooms and in our lives today."

This anthology is connected with Plymouth State College.

For more info, see the URL

E-Mail from [email protected]

8. Kendra's valedictorian!

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Yaaaaay! Thought so. <grin> W00t! Congratulations, Kendra!

7. Cyclic task support

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PlannerMode now supports cyclic tasks through planner-cyclic.el . Not bad for an hour of hacking. Comments welcome!


6. Notes for future cyclic tasks support

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<sachac> johnsu01: What kind of stuff do you do every Tuesday, anyway? =)
<sachac> johnsu01: I've been thinking of adding cyclic task support to planner-id... =)
<johnsu01> sachac: that would make me happy. cyclic tasks are what I have been using the diary for. obviously not perfect
           because they are not actually tasks :)
<johnsu01> sachac: I like to have the recurring tasks pile up, so i know how far behind I am in my German, reading, etc
<sachac> You'll be interested in planner-find-task and
         planner-create-task-from-info. You'll need to hook into
         something that gets run whenever you open a file - look at
         planner-diary for ideas. Create a task based on the page
         name, search forward for it, and if you don't find it on the
         page, create it. Something like that?

Chat with johnsu01 on

5. ZOE email client

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Slicing and dicing your e-mail. I want an Emacs interface to this, and I want it to deal with more than just my e-mail.

Ideas I can steal:

- keyword search - people - files - links

4. Test notes again for dates

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3. CS161 Final Exam Schedule

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Thursday, 2004.03.25, 9:30 - 11:30, CTC 312
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