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B2XTest creating a task from a note from PlannerMode {{Tasks:717}} (PlannerModeCompletedTasks)
B3XCheck if tasks default to the correct page from Chat with johnsu01 on sterling.freenode.net%23emacs {{Tasks:715}} (PlannerModeCompletedTasks)
B4XHave the project page prompt default to the last project entered from E-Mail from John Sullivan {{Tasks:714}} (PlannerModeCompletedTasks)
B5XBugfix: Check out planner-diary problems from E-Mail from John Sullivan {{Tasks:706}} (PlannerModeCompletedTasks)

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4. So far, so good

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muse opens my planner files. <nop>WikiPages are still not marked up, but one can argue that this is a good thing and that all links should be explicitly linked anyway. Yvonne Thomson will be pleased by that. Maybe not having automatic <nop>WikiLinks is a good thing.


3. johnw and muse

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 <sachac> johnw! =) I've been looking at muse and have a few comments.
 <johnw> sachac!
 <johnw> how do you generate that calender on your website?
 <sachac> johnw: A PHP hack, but someone wrote Lisp code to do it within Emacs. =)
 <johnw> also, as for muse-blog features, I only have one so far: muse-blog-add-entry
 <johnw> sachac: is that lisp code available?
 <sachac> johnw: (Tsk tsk tsk. You can at least use the remember architecture... ;) )
 <johnw> i want to add it to muse-blog
 <johnw> hey, that's not a bad idea...
 <sachac> johnw: Let me find it.
 <johnw> maybe I should just turn remember.el *into* muse-blog....
 <johnw> or maybe not; actually, I think remember does everything I need
 <sachac> k-man1: Anything emacs-wiki can publish to, Planner can publish to...
 <sachac> johnw: Just add a remember-muse.el module or something. <laugh>
 <johnw> sachac: that's a good idea; wonder if the remember maintainer is interested... ;)
 <johnw> sachac: my whole website is being done with muse now
 <johnw> sachac: and the generated HTML/LaTeX is *much* nicer
 <sachac> johnw: Let me calendar that in. I was focusing on moving planner over, but remember's small enough to just add.
 <johnw> i completely revised how paragraph tags are added
 <sachac> johnw: That's good to hear! I have a few patches. Let me send you those before I track down the calendar thing.
 <johnw> ok, although the code is divergent enough that it might be hard to add patches
 <johnw> i've rewritten several of the project commands from scratch
 <sachac> johnw: I have patches against source from your .tar.gz
 <johnw> ah!
 <johnw> my gosh, you are fast
 <johnw> I keep updating that .tar.gz btw
 <sachac> johnw: Argh. Can you please do CVS? ;)
 <johnw> sachac: sure, how do I set it up?
 <sachac> johnw: You can grab my first three patches from http://sacha.fre..net.ph/notebook/emacs/muse-sacha ...
 <sachac> johnw: Hey, I thought you were a die-hard CVS fan! <laugh>
 <johnw> sachac: I am, but I have no public server right now for muse
 <sachac> johnw: But let me e-mail you them instead.
 <sachac> johnw: Seriously, can I convince you to use arch instead?
 <johnw> ok, that page isn't working
 <johnw> hmm. not going to switch just yet
 <johnw> my tasklist is at my current limit
 <sachac> johnw: You won't need a public server, and you can import my changes easily after reviewing them.
 <johnw> maybe once I'm done travelling and muse calms down
 <sachac> johnw: I'll hold your hand through the process. ;)
 <johnw> aww, thanks ;)
 <sachac> johnw: I'll grab your latest .tar.gz and make sure my patches apply to it cleanly first.
 <sachac> johnw: I'm actually already maintaining an arch repository for your code, although sans detailed change
 <johnw> i'm using cvs locally, of course
 <johnw> sf.net hasn't written back about emacs-wiki
 <johnw> hey, want to be devious?  I'll create a directory within my q project on q-lang.sf.net
 <johnw> oops, wrong site
 <johnw> man, i registered q-language.sf.net, but there is also a q-lang.sf.net
 <johnw> that makes 6 languages named Q
 <sachac> johnw: Bleah. You know, a changelog would be pretty useful right about now. ;)
 <johnw> sachac: ok, here's what we'll do for the time being, since you and I are moving so fast
 <johnw> cvs checkout the project at q-language.sf.net
 <johnw> I'm checking my stuff into a "muse" directory in that project
 <sachac> johnw: Okay. I'll grab that, reapply my patches, and send you diffs (_and_ nice ChangeLog entries, because I'm
          such a nice person ;) ).
 <sachac> Hmm. Pserver. I'm going to think of how to tunnel this again...
 <johnw> sachac: there is no "wikiness" in muse yet
 <johnw> sachac: i'm waiting until the core is solid, before I see how much wikiness I'm interested in porting over
 <sachac> johnw: My patches still apply cleanly. I'll send you my notes.
 <sachac> johnw: Mailed you my patches with short summaries besides.
 <johnw> sachac: ok, your changes are checked in
 <johnw> sachac: on my website, I'm PDF publishing all of the essays and stories now using muse; i have written all the
         code to PDF publish poems, but it's just not happening automatically yet (don't have the web storage for them
 <johnw> sachac: in a muse buffer, if you type C-c p, it will ask which style you want to publish with; if that buffer's
         file is part of a project, then it will also use any style customizations defined by that project (see
         muse-init.el for example of a customized html style)
 <johnw> I think overriding C-c p is a bad thing though, so I probably have to rebind that
 <johnw> I think I'll switch C-c C-t
 <sachac> johnw: I know, I like that. =)
 <johnw> sachac: i need to stay on top of documentation this time, though; I'm hoping muse will make that easier :)
 <sachac> johnw: Okay, I'm synced with you again. Please don't bind to C-c C-t; C-c C-p is pretty okay.
 <tekonivel> voting in itself can be okay, but not a) on this scale and b) with this brainwash going on
 <sachac> k-man1: Thanks! =D
 <johnw> sachac: C-c C-p is already used
 <johnw> sachac: it means "publish the current project"; C-c C-t now means "publish this file"
 <sachac> johnw: Oh, well, I'll just override that for planner, then. S'okay.
 <johnw> sachac: doh
 <johnw> sachac: i forgot about planner
 <sachac> johnw: I'm thinking of a way to cleanly separate planner stuff for emacs-wiki and muse. Thankfully, the syntax
          is roughly the same.
 <johnw> sachac: how about I switch to C-c C-s
 <sachac> johnw: Oh, you might want to take a look at the way planner does URLs; it's a lot more flexible, although
          probably a bit slower.
 <johnw> sachac: planner publishing should be a muse-style, along the same vein as muse-poem
 <sachac> johnw: My URL-regexp is dynamically generated from a list.
 <johnw> sachac: sounds cool, can you e-mail me the relevant bits?
 <sachac> johnw: Most of planner isn't actually about the publishing part, but rather functions to interact with the text
          that's already there. That part'll work without much modification.
 <sachac> Will people be very angry with me if I feature-freeze planner first while working on moving to muse? =)
 <johnw> sachac: that's a good thing I think, since muse is now starting to focus on the publishing more than on the
         buffer manipulation
 <johnw> sachac: I have yet to move a lot of code from emacs-wiki, and may just shunt it into an optional module (like the
         searching code)
 <johnw> sachac: aren't you afraid that muse might be too much of a moving target?  maybe it would be better to allow for
         a few weeks until stabilization?  i think that's as long as it should take
 <sachac> johnw: Relevant bits in your mail.
 <johnw> sachac: thanks
 <sachac> johnw: Hey, if I look at muse closely now, I might be able to get it to do more of what I want. ;)
 <sachac> johnw: (Or at least figure out what you're trying to do. <grin> I'm learning a lot!)
 <johnw> sachac: and i've been thinking about muse-blog: I would like an optional calendar, more <div> sections for CSS's
         sake, auto-RDF generation, and auto-creation of labels so that links to specific days can be automated
 <johnw> sachac: hehe, true that! :)
 <sachac> johnw: I have auto-RSS generation. You might want to steal the code from planner-rss... =)
 <johnw> sachac: actually, the TODO has become very short, but muse-book has yet to be written (allows a project to
         published into a book, with each Muse page becoming a chapter, and directories defining parts)
 <johnw> sachac: I think I will.  planner-diary and remember both sound like they have correspondence with muse-blog
 <sachac> johnw: I'd like to support different blog styles. Right now PlannerMode divides entries by day. Some people
          prefer one entry per file, some people prefer one long file...
 <sachac> johnw: I think remember-muse'll be easy to hack if it simply replaces the way you're doing it now.
 <johnw> hmmm... if planner could support diary-style entries in one long file, then perhaps I can view planner as
 <johnw> well, the way I'm doing it now is a very simple 10 line function
 <sachac> johnw: I know, I see that.
 <johnw> no real reason to bring in remember, although I'd love remember to have the option
 <johnw> i must look again at the new world of planner, and do some thinking
 <sachac> johnw: People find remember and all the nifty annotations extremely useful. Switching to a different window and
          initializing the notes breaks concentration; better to hit M-x remember, type something in quickly, and then
          categorize it later.
 <sachac> johnw: Advantage of remember over current way you're doing blogs - it's easy to get back to where you were
          before you needed to blog something, and it remembers context.
 <sachac> johnw: (You know this, of course, having written remember. ;) )
 <johnw> sachac: it all depends on the user... whenever i go to write blog entries, it's a full-scale affair, and so I
         need a different kind of modalitty than remember
 <sachac> johnw: Tasks have also achieved same context-awareness with recent annotation support. Again, this is
          independent of publishing, so should fit easily into muse.
 <sachac> johnw: Define full-scale affair. <impish grin>
 <sachac> johnw: (By the way, don't feel constrained by the fact that I'm working with a moving target; feel free to break
          things and make them better! I'll learn a lot in the process.)
 <johnw> sachac: meaning, I must abscond with my heart and spend long moments dwelling on how to hammer the crude metal of
         words into some semblance of my thought
 <johnw> sachac: (Ok!)
 <johnw> sachac: hmm.. you know, muse-mode doesn't excite me much.  it might work nicely if I focused all of my energy on
         the publishing, and left the navigation and highlighting to you... and then when I'm happy with publishing, you
         could take over the whole spiel again
 <sachac> johnw: I'll focus on that while studying your code, then, although it'll take me a number of days to get up to

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2. Eric's schools

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- Stanford - Uni of Utah - Uni of NC at Chapel Hill - Uni of Central Florida - CMU - MIT - UCBerkeley

- UWashington - Princeton - Cornell - Brown - George Washington Uni - Uni of Waterloo - Uni of Southern California

1. dto's use of PlannerMode

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 <dto> btw i've been using it a week, and I've definitely found it to be a big help when things are hectic.
 <dto> for example,
 <dto> right now we are hiring several people, and there's a lot of paperwork involved, so plannermode helps me keep track
       of how much I've gotten done and what remains to do.
 <dto> also, I have to put together computers for them, and often the request comes in suddenly in an email, or someone
       just shouts it to me (which is where my remember-keybinding comes in)
 <dto> I also use remember-planner to keep track of phone calls, to record the time when I called this or that vendor, and
       to jot down what they said.
 <dto> very good recordkeeping.

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