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3. Subject: Sandra Jean Valentino Chua assigns past and future changes to ERC

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Date: Sat Apr  3 01:57:43 2004 +0800


Your assignment process with the FSF is now complete and you will
shortly receive a copy of the signed form in the post.

Thank you for your contribution!

All the best,
Ted Teah


E-Mail from Ted Teah via

2. konsolekalendar

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Description: KDE konsole personal organizer <blockquote> To support console-based calendaring with KDE, the konsolekalendar complements the KDE KOrganizer with an according frontend to manage appointments and your schedule on a text-based console.

This package is part of the official KDE pim module. </blockquote>

Hmm. What is this? I wonder what its interface looks like...

1. Multisync: a package for syncing personal information managers

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Package: multisync
Description: A program to synchronize PIM data
 Synchronize calendars, addressbooks and  other PIM data between programs
 on your computer and other computers, mobile devices, PDAs or cell phones.
 Currently it has client plugins for Ximian Evolution and IrMC mobile
 clients (cell phones such as <nop>SonyEricsson T39/T68 and Siemens S45i) via
 Bluetooth, IR and cable. To get all plugins install libmultisync-plugin-all.
 To get all
  Homepage http://multisync.sourceforge.net

Can someone write a plugin for PlannerMode? =)