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A2XFile for a leave {{Tasks:863}} (TripToAuAndNz)
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3. Teaching evaluations for SY 2004-2005

CS21A-A: Introduction to Computing I
What did you like best about the course and the teacher?

- She was very understanding! She would always never hesitate to approach the students if there is a prob. - Fun, helpful, knowledgeable teacher. - The course was like a playground, ripe with experimentation and countless possibilities. The teacher is very fun. It is also good that the teacher gives additional sites and sources for extra education. - Her way of teaching is excellent. Although slower than last sem (lectures) I was able to understand every fully. She's such an excellent professor! She's always there when you need to consult. Very effective, because she makes java fun and she really wants to share her knowledge to all her students. - My teacher's so smart and knowledgeable about the subject! She's one of those who won't need a guide / index cards to teach. She scares me because she's really smart and all that. - The teacher is very helpful. The course is fun and you really learn coz of the hands on and practical tests.

What did you like least about the course and the teacher?

- The computers sometimes won't even work. - There are still some instances wherein one can get lost. - She doesn't give anything to read so I won't know what to expect or do in class. Though, I am a poor learner, she's still great teacher. Java's really hard. - Written exams.

What would you suggest to the teacher to improve the course?

- I like her the way she is... nice and always ready to help out :) - There may be a need to get a little bit strict in terms of graded work outside and attendance - Give more things to read - More weight on hands on and more projects. Start with simple ones that will culminate into a big major project.

CS21B-A: Introduction to Computing II
What did you like best about the course and the teacher?

- Our teacher gives us challenging and fun activities. - Free internet, having fun with games. - She has a very lively approach in teaching the lesson. :) - The teacher is perky and keeps us interested. - Moderate pace but very informative. - Stimulates critical thinking. - Great teacher, fun course, stress reliever! - Fun... fun... fun... :) Sacha, luvable teacher :) free candies java, funny teacher - It's about practical knowledge and practical skills for a programmer. - Interesting and never boring. Very practical subject matter and practical way of doing things. Logical progression of ideas. Very flexible way of doing things. Assignments are actually... fun cough. Easy pace, not crushed, so we can get the concept, but also not boring. - Interesting exercises, reasonable work load. - Very interesting course, nice syllabus. The teacher is very approachable and is willing to help those who need assistance. - It's fun and challenging. Our teacher really knows what she's teaching and she teaches naturally. - Win or lose it's the course we choose :) the teacher smiles a lot, knows a lot. The coures is interesting & air conditioned classrooms. - The teacher encouraged working in groups. She knows how to keep the class attentive and involved. She made CS quite interesting.

What did you like least about the course and the teacher?

- Midterms (written tests), hands-on - She talks really fast, he he - More time pa dapat. More examples should be given. - Nothing. - Medyo mahirap mag true or false sa long tests (midterms) kasi malayo siya sa normal teaching style. - Sometimes lessons too fast. - It's so challenging that some work is difficult to finish. - Course — when I don't understand the lesson well and homework given right away. - Class schedule sucks. The teacher is... weird and proud of it.

What would you suggest to the teacher to improve the course?

- More fun class activities. - Lecture more about the topics please. It's hard to study on my own. - Talk slower. :) he he - Give more examples of simple program since we learn more with examples - Replace Windows machines with Unix / Linux machines - More group activities - Smile more! More group works - More exercises (?) but as it is, its alright--the book just can't seem to give exercise though - More personal/one on one - Hands-on examinations - Lectures, explain the code that we are working on, some terms - More time to digest new lessons - Keep smiling, classes should be at 11 pm, BS CS shouldn't have Fil classes.

CS21B-B: Introduction to Computing II
What did you like best about the course and the teacher?

- CS21B is a very challenging course, and that's why I like it. It's like studying a language and getting that language to do things for you. The teacher encouraged us to learn independently before asking for help. Her obvious enthusiasm for the lesson she teaches makes learning CS21b easier. - Interesting (both) & knowledgeable (teacher). - The techer is very approachable & doesn't fail to give every student the help he/she needs. She makes practical learning easy. - I love chocolates. - Most anything. - We did many exercises and that helped me understand the lesson better. - Course--helped my problem solving skills through the application of basic computing/programming concepts. Teacher--fun, easy to approach, always wears a smile. :) - She is so lively. She makes the course interesting. - Teacher: very knowledgebale about java and programming. Helpful. - Free computers and internet access, air-con, I like computer, free stuff - Lots of computers! - Self-study - Chocolates and candies!, creative lectures (sometimes), follow-up exercises, good personality! (did I mention chocolates). - Free internet and the smiling teacher - We received treats for doing good in class. The teacher is very lenient and cheerful!

What did you like least about the course and the teacher?

- The teahcer is sometimes a bit fast in teaching the lessons. - Sometimes, there is not much information from discussion that the student can go on with. - * course is difficult. - NONE... I like it very much. - Workload is sometimes heavy, almost every meeting brings more homework. Students were expected to do independent study but not everyone will catch up. - Gloomy lighting - Eyestrain - The course is a bit too abstract for my taste. - Self-study. - Emailing exercises (email is unreliable! Bring back courses.edu!). sudden deadlines for work. - Internet-based homework! - The teacher is not very concerned with the students welfare.

What would you suggest to the teacher to improve the course?

- Just a little more discussion & everything will be fine :) - Provide more codes to study. - Get better chocolates, wider variety. - More exercise, although there are enough already, more analogies for hard to grasp concepts. - More lectures and real-life examples - Uniform PPT presentations - Computers!, makes me think. Teacher: lively, gives candy. - More Powerpoint. - No comment. - Innovative and extra creative way of teaching: push on. - More chocolate! Use courses.edu! Final project: many members, but higher level requirements - It would be better if the teacher supervised the slow students to optimize learning. Com Sci is a course where it is hard to catch up if one is lagging behind.

CS161-E: Operating Systems
What did you like best about the course and the teacher?

- Very accommodating and approachable, interesting some what. - The teacher is approachable and friendly. She's also considerate and understanding enough. - The teacher made the course interesting. - Chocolate. - The teacher was very smart and very helpful. She was always available for consultation and welcomed questions. - She is very knowledgeable, the university should get more teachers like her. She is very friendly and approachable. We learned a lot from her. I like the examples that she gives. - Examples in the lectures. - She was concerned with students who do not understand the topic, thoroughly explaining to them. - Always available for consultation (email etc) - Teacher was always interested to hear questions from students. - Sacha is funky. She really wants her students to learn. Projects are corny. - Good teacher, lively class. - It was important (basics) - It was interesting.

What did you like least about the course and the teacher?

- Course: Maguyon's complex questions and stupid multiple choice tests. Teacher talks too fast, starts class before bell rings. - I guess instead of quizzes, we must have class activities instead. And these class activities are not necessarily graded. Also, I hope that the prof will inform us much earlier with regards to the exams (like venues, scope, etc.) - The test!!! I think they don't quite cover the more important aspects of the lessons, and they're more MIS-friendly than CS friendly. What's with the freaky multiple choice? Why do we feel we have to MEMORIZE THE ENTIRE SLIDE SETS just to get decent grades? What about testing logic and understanding? - Some of the project specs were irrelevant (Ariel Maguyon's) - The projects were too difficult. The workload of the projects was too much to handle for MIS students. - Projects given were not reasonable. Only a short time was given to complete the project and it was not taught in class. - Why does Maguyon have to make the exams and projects? - Projects were covering too many challenging aspects... - Short time for programming projects... projects during Christmas break. - Teacher goes too fast. - Talks too fast. - Linux, IBM room - CS161 is boring :( Tests are hard. - Long tests and unnecessarily complex projects - Confusing multiple choice - There were no computers to use when we had lessons in programming. We had projs that weren't taught - Crappy multiple choice testing in LTs

What would you suggest to the teacher to improve the course?

- Candy! - To change #2 - Organization of lectures, present timetable so that we'll know what to expect every meeting. - Talk slower, wait for us to absorb it a bit before continuing :( - Class activities and more chapter review. This helped a lot. - Uh... prevent Sir Maguyon from making parts of the tests. - Get better projects - Separate MIS students with CS students, change the projects. - The exams are too long. - Make up your own exams & projects please? - Slow down a bit. Reduce test questionnaire from A. Maguyon. - More Maguyon classes. - Talk slowly (?) - Fire A. Maguyon. - Remove modified multiple choice.

CS161-F: Operating Systems
What did you like best about the course and the teacher?

- The teacher was able to express and clarify herself whenever people had a hard time understanding, and has funny but oddly relevant analogies. - The quizzes she gave were very helpful and she was very interested in keeping the class aware and attentive. And the candy was a plus too. - The teacher makes the lesson sound so easy therefore it gets a little easier even if just a bit. - She is quite lenient and flexible compared to some other teachers we could've gotten. She's very enthusiastic. - Teacher--sure na may alam (unlike other teachers who just read slides in front of class) - She's very good and very helpful in class - Out of class relationship - Teacher--cheerful, considerate and gives candies... :) also gives analogies that are very helpful in understanding different concepts. - The teacher was helpful and wants us to ask questions

What did you like least about the course and the teacher?

- She's not particularly boring considering it's a read-from-the-slide type of lecture and compared to other CS teachers, she knows what she's teaching and seems to be very good at it. (Sorry these are what I like best about the teacher.) The coding/programming part of the course was not taught enough. - There are many concepts not discussed that end up in the exams. - The course can be a bit demanding when it comes to project specs. - Sometimes, she teaches a little too fast. - Tests--really hard. Teacher--gives quizzes every meeting :( - he's too good. (hehehe) the course has so much information... for so less time. - A bit fast, not exactly tailored for MIS majors (too far away from our programming experiences). Becomes an exercise in memorization, assumes background in *nix. - She talks too fast and it makes it difficult for us to understand what she's saying.

What would you suggest to the teacher to improve the course?

- Candy! - To change #2 - Organization of lectures, present timetables so that we'll know what to expect every meeting. - Talk slower, wait for us to absorb it a bit before continuing :)

2. Local file links should be transformed to relative file links if possible

Categories: EmacsHacks#19 -- Permalink
(defadvice emacs-wiki-markup-link (around sacha activate)
  "Resolve the matched wiki-link into its ultimate <a href> form.
Images used the <img> tag."
  ;; avoid marking up urls that appear to be inside existing HTML
  (when (and (not (eq (char-after (point)) ?\"))
             (not (eq (char-after (point)) ?\>)))
    (let* (string
           (wiki-link (match-string 0))
           (url (emacs-wiki-link-url wiki-link))
           (name (emacs-wiki-escape-html-string
                  (emacs-wiki-wiki-visible-name wiki-link))))
      (when url
        (unless (emacs-wiki-wiki-url-p url)
          (setq url
                 (if (string-match "public_html" url)
      (setq string
            (if (null url)
                (if (and emacs-wiki-serving-p
                          (emacs-wiki-wiki-base wiki-link)))
                     "<a class=\"nonexistent\" href=\"editwiki?%s\">%s</a>"
                     (emacs-wiki-wiki-base wiki-link) name)
                  (format "<a class=\"nonexistent\" href=\"%s\">%s</a>"
                           emacs-wiki-maintainer name))
              (if (save-match-data
                    (string-match emacs-wiki-image-regexp url))
                  (if (string-equal url name)
                      (format "<img src=\"%s\" />" url)
                    (format "<img src=\"%s\" alt=\"%s\" />" url name))
                (if (save-match-data
                      (string-match emacs-wiki-image-regexp name))
                    (format "<a href=\"%s\"><img src=\"%s\" /></a>" url name)
                  (format "<a href=\"%s\">%s</a>" url name)))))
      (add-text-properties 0 (1- (length string))
                           '(rear-nonsticky (read-only) read-only
                                            t) string)
      (setq ad-return-value string))))


1. todl history

Categories: None -- Permalink
Todl history might be better implemented as two stacks: one stack for forward, another stack for backward. This eliminates the need to carefully track what the next one is. However, the current implementation is fine.