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BXPrint the appeal for Mark Tecson {{Tasks:874}}
B2XReply {{Tasks:444}} (E-Mail from Andrew Clausen)
B3CReply from E-Mail from Joe Corneli {{Tasks:828}} (TaskPool)
B4CReply from E-Mail from Joe Corneli {{Tasks:794}} (TaskPool)
B5CReply from E-Mail from Joe Corneli {{Tasks:802}} (TaskPool)

~/.diary schedule

12:00 15:00 Go to school, pick up certificate of employment, drop off letter
17:30 19:00 Aikido
20:00 20:30 Display job detail.
20:00 22:00 Work on scheduler
22:00 22:30 Check out EClass again from 2003.11.11 {{Tasks:876}}


2. Got my FSF papers back!

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I'm now an official contributor and my part of ERC can be merged into GNU Emacs eventually. Yay!

1. Scheduling tasks in the diary

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(defun sacha/planner-diary-schedule-task (time)
  "Add a diary entry for the current task at TIME."
  (interactive "MTime: ")
        (let ((info (planner-current-task-info)))
           (planner-task-date info)
           (concat time " | " (planner-task-description info) "")))))))

(defun sacha/planner-diary-add-entry (date text &optional annotation)
  "Prompt for a diary entry to add to `diary-file'."
    (if (or current-prefix-arg
            (not (string-match planner-date-regexp (planner-page-name))))
     "Diary entry: ")))
        (let ((cal-date (planner-filename-to-calendar-date date)))
          (calendar-date-string cal-date t t))
        " " text
        (or annotation
            (let ((annotation (run-hook-with-args-until-success
              (if annotation
                  (concat " " annotation)
      (planner-goto date)