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A1XBring Neko and Kaygee to the vet {{Tasks:974}} {{Schedule:15:00-16:30}} (KittenWhoMustNotBeNamed)
A2XFinish papers for Australia thing {{Tasks:968}} (TripToAuAndNz)
A3XDownload a request tracker {{Tasks:949}} (Adphoto)
A4XFinish NZ visa form {{Tasks:975}} (TripToAuAndNz)
B1XReply to planner-weekly-overview from E-Mail from Travis B. Hartwell {{Tasks:973}} (PlannerMode)
B2XMerge in johnw's changes to muse {{Tasks:976}} (MuseMode)
B3XPrepare list of assigments and exercises {{Tasks:932}} {{Schedule:21:00-22:00}} (CS21A.Teaching)
B4XWrite up the first lab experiment: using the computer to compute {{Tasks:972}} (CS21A.Teaching)
C1XApt-get update from 2004.04.26 {{Tasks:945}}
B5CAttend guidance office presentation on exit interview results at F206 {{Tasks:956}} {{Schedule:13:30-15:00}} (TaskPool)

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15:00 16:30 Bring Neko and Kaygee to the vet {{Tasks:974}}


3. Learning and KM insights

2. On the Origins of Programmers: Identifying Predictors of Success for an Objects-First CS1

1. Dropping universities in New Zealand

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I did some more reading and I think I can omit the University of Canterbury and the University of Auckland. Although the two universities are interesting and I'm a big fan of Tim Bell's "Computer Science Unplugged" project, dropping NZ will give us more breathing room during the Australia part of our trip.