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17:30 19:00 Aikido
20:00 22:00 Attend Andrea Bocelli's performance {{Tasks:1005}}


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A1XPay the rent before 2004.04.30 {{Tasks:888}} {{Schedule:10:00-11:00}} (TaskPool)
BXAttend Andrea Bocelli's performance {{Tasks:1005}} {{Schedule:20:00-22:00}}
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BXAsk Handykey for help with broken Twiddler {{Tasks:1000}}
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2. Andrea Bocelli

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Skipping aikido today because it's too close to the Andrea Bocelli concert tonight. My mom and I have tickets; not very good tickets, but decent. Kathy is kicking herself in the shin for turning down a _free_ center-box ticket someone offered her. She was offered that ticket by some organization in order to take pictures, but the organizers are firm about no cameras, and she didn't feel like going if she couldn't shoot. She called to cancel over the protestations of the people offering her the ticket. When she realized it wasn't all going to be in Italian and that the value of the ticket she declined was 50k (50k for _one_ _seat!_), she was very vocably annoyed.

1. Preparation

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Brisbane first

Skytrans shuttle bus between transit center and airport (tel 3236 1000), fare 6.50 Getting around: Off-peak saver card, $4 or buses at $1.40 a trip

- Brisbane Visitors Accomodation Service, 3rd level of transit center (tel 32362020), 7-6pm weekdays and 8-5 weekends) - Internet: Central City Library, $4 per hour - Second-hand bookshop: Archives Fine Books (40-42 Charlotte Street) - Second-hand bookshop: Emma (82A Vulture St., West End) - Crafts Village at South Bank (Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday until 5 pm) - Eagle St. Pier, Sunday morning handicraft market

Bus to Sydney. 17 hours. ! 69 to 75. Try Premier Pioneer Motor Services


- Around Sydney: Get a Green Travel Pass $28 for the week - Internet: Travellers Contact Point (7th floor, 428 George St.), Backpackers World (212 Victoria St., Kings Cross). 175 Liverpool St. opposite Hyde Park (24h). - Dymocks: 424-426 George St. - Gould's, 33 Kng St., Newtown (second-hand) - Powerhouse Museum, behind the Sydney Exhibition Center, 500 Harris St., Ultimo 10 am - 5 pm, $8 - Hostel: ~ 20/25.

Bus to Melbourne: 12-13 hour, Firefly Express (9211 1644) 45-50 Ask if I can get a discounted train ticked, 10.5 hours, $93 economy


- From airport: $9 Skybus, Bay 30 Spencer St. Coach Terminal to Melbourne Transit Center, every half-hour between 6 am and 10.30 pm - Weekly tram ticket, zone 1: $18.60 (get All Day tickets instead if 4 days or less) - Angus & Robertson Bookworld, 07 Elizabeth St. - Collins Booksellers, 115 Elizabeth St. - Dymocks, Bourke and Swanston Sts. - State Library (Swanston and Russell Sts., near Latrobe St.) - Tram tour, Zone 1 $4.30 per day - Scienceworks Museum, 2 Booker St., Spotswood (15 minutes walk from the train station) - City Center: Exford Hotel Backpacers' (9663 2697) $11