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4. Jigger Escario

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Dominique introduced me to Jigger Escario, one of his friends from IBM and Cebu. He's Liam's cousin and the former dean of the Cebu Institute of Technology. Over dinner, I whizzed through my objects-first presentation and we talked about IT education. They also experienced low retention rates (theirs is much lower at 15%, while ours is around ~70%) and the drastic drop in enrollment. Apparently, CIT draws students from Mindanao. Students from Cebu tend to go to San Carlos or to Manila.

Jigger no longer teaches. Right now, he does MIS admin work: registration and enrollment systems. He used to work at IBM (replaced Dominique at e-commerce).

Cherry's interested in natural language processing and machine translation of Bisaya.

BLEAH. Flash website. Well, he _is_ Flash-certified, after all, but it would've been nice to browse through it in w3m.

3. Neko's back!

She's still rather annoyed, though.

2. Objects-First Java with BlueJ

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My talk at the PinoyJUG session yesterday was about teaching Java the objects-first way. I expected an audience of mostly Java instructors and looked forward to sharing what I'd learned for my first year of teaching. However, almost all the attendees were professionals taking up Java. S'okay; made do. Dominique and Eric were there--yay!

I had problems with my resolution in the beginning. Fortunately, Dominique brought his laptop. I transferred the PDF there and went through the slides. I couldn't demonstrate BlueJ on his computer, though. I thought about booting to Windows XP, but apparently I'd lost that part of my GRUB config, and my computer was set up to quickly boot into Linux. However, disabling the resolution compensation before X started resulted in a nice 800x600 projected screen.

I still talk too fast. This time, though, my slides were neatly organized. Must remember to put dramatic pauses into the script...

My presentation can be found at ../presentations/java .

1. pcmpl-arch.el

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All the commands documented in tla help can be completed using ../emacs/vc-arch/pcmpl-arch.el, a programmable completion module for the arch version control system. I'm getting the hang of pcomplete now... =)