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Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
A1XGive Neko 1.6ml of antibiotics — afternoon from 2004.05.10 {{Tasks:1057}}
A2XGive Neko 1.6ml of antibiotics and clean her wound — morning from 2004.05.10 {{Tasks:1056}}
A3XGive Neko 1.6ml of antibiotics — evening from 2004.05.10 {{Tasks:1058}}
A4XReply from E-Mail from Ray Fix {{Tasks:1059}} (PlannerMode)
B1Xpatch-67: Bugfix: Misplaced paren in planner-create-task-from-info
B2Xpatch-64: Bugfix: Allow multiple digits in +days or -days specification
B3Xpatch-56: Allow nil to be entered as a date or plan page name
B4Xpatch-55: planner-create-{high,medium,low}-priority-task-from-buffer for convenience
B5Xpatch-53: planner-wl: Merge bugfixes from Angus Lee
B6Xpatch-51: Bugfix: planner-experimental: planner-remove duplicates should remove dupes on date pages
B7Xpatch-50: Bugfix: planner-id.el and saving IDs
B8Xpatch-47: planner-gnus: Go directly to message; planner-rmail: elisp tweak
B9Xpatch-44: Bugfix: planner-cyclic error checking
B10Xpatch-43: Obey command passed to planner-find-file
B11Xpatch-41: Bugfix: planner-bbdb slashes optional, planner.el publishing (move tags first), planner-copy-or-move-task accepts nil
B12Xpatch-40: Rewrite planner-tasks-equal-p for clarity
B13Xpatch-38: Bugfix: Preserve project and mode in index
B14Xpatch-37: Bugfix: Allow any status in planner-find-task
B15Xpatch-33: Important bugfix: Properly update task
B16Xpatch-31: Change pending task mark to "P"
B17Xpatch-30: Bugfix: duplicate planner-task-cancelled, experimental planner-jump-to-linked-note
B18Xpatch-29: Bugfix: Save restriction in planner-copy-or-move-task
B19Xpatch-28: Feature: planner-add-task-at-end-flag
B20Xpatch-24: NOTE: New function planner-task-cancelled bound to C-c C-S-x by default
B21Xpatch-23: Bugfix: Correctly switch notes indices into planner mode
B22Xpatch-22: Enhancement: Always create planner-directory
B23Xpatch-21: Bugfix: Refontify after adding task IDs to all tasks
B24Xpatch-20: Resolve windmove keybinding conflict
B25Xpatch-19: Context-sensitive keyboard shortcuts
B26Xpatch-15: Preliminary support for clocking out when a task is finished
B27Xpatch-14: Add prefix arg FORCE to planner-id-update-tasks-on-page {{Tasks:1062}}
B28Xpatch-10: Bugfix: planner-replan-task and tasks without plan pages {{Tasks:1060}}


1. Etask: Gantt charts for Emacs

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Wow, pretty! I should check this out...