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B1XFix planner--dev corruption from Chat with ericvids on localhost%23bitlbee (PlannerMode)
B10XCheck out EmacsWiki#RecentChanges from 2004.05.17
C4XCheck out Slashdot from 2004.05.17
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5. Emacs on the Playstation 2

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Having problems with backspace and delete on Emacs on the PS/2 Linux kit? Here's what Eric says:
  <ericvids> sachac: I knew it, it's a program-trying-to-outsmart-its-user bug.
  <ericvids> sachac: I bound backspace to delete, but I shouldn't touch delete.
             They need to be *both* delete-char.  And the old emacs was trying
             to automagically decide whether to move backward or stay in place.
  <ericvids> sachac: On the other hand, maybe I should just keyboard-translate
             that.  After all I'm just trying to prevent emacs from modifying my

Chat with ericvids on localhost%23bitlbee

4. Bookpool

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Allan T. Moster thinks that Bookpool is cool. Said shipping was free. Not sure if that applies to the Philippines.

Head-First Java on http://www.bookpool.com

E-Mail from Allan T. Moster

3. Debugging Emacs hangs

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<blockquote> Run emacs in gdb, preferably from the src directory where you compiled emacs:
   $ cd ~/emacs-build/src
   $ gdb ./emacs

[There's a special .gdbinit file in that directory that defines handy emacs debugging commands.]

When it hangs, hit C-z or something to exit to the debugger (you can't use C-c like usual when debugging emacs, because emacs' standard .gdbinit file changes gdb's SIGINT handling to make C-g work properly on ttys).

Then look at a C backtrace ("backtrace") and lisp backtrace ("xbacktrace") to see what's up.

For more fun, do the above from another emacs session using emacs' `M-x gdb' command. </blockquote>

E-Mail from Miles Bader

2. A Poor-Aunt Story

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Haruki Murakami

Wonderful, thought-provoking story. I'm beginning to see why people like Murakami.


1. Emacs-wiki documentation in Japanese

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