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8:30 9:30 CS21A at F227
10:30 11:30 CS110 at F227
11:30 12:30 CS21A at F227
13:30 14:30 CS139.3 at F227
17:30 19:00 Aikido (every so often)



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3. Java-based text-to-speech system

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2. Oh no! I have to dress up tomorrow: CIOF technology briefing on open source

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The Chief Information Officers Forum, Inc. (CIOF, Inc.) will be hosting the "The Government CIO Open Technology Briefing: Understanding the Issues Behind Commercial and Open Source Software in Government" forum on July 1, 2004 (tomorrow) from 8:00AM to 5:00PM at the Rizal Ballroom C, Makati Shangri-La Plaza Hotel. With this, the Philippine Linux Users' Group, Inc. will be one of the panelist of the said forum. Since Ian Sison can't possibly join the forum, I need you to be there also. I hope you can attend.

The paper Dominique forwarded will be very useful.

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I turned, startled, as the doors burst open and the staccato beat of her heels on tiles announced her approach. From the look of it, she just had a bad day at the office. "Long time no see," I teased her, standing up as she stalked in.

She pecked my cheek and slid into the booth, ignoring the menu I offered her. "Coffee. Black." She looked at her watch. "I have another meeting in two hours. Are you sure an afternoon date is a good idea?"

"You need to relax every so often. Another late night, dear?" I wrapped her hands in mine, quelling her fidgeting. "You're working too hard."

"That's advertising for you. No such thing as a nine-to-five job. It's exciting, though. Always something new."

"I'll take what I can get of you. Perhaps I can invite you out to a late dinner at Chateau Verde?" I caught her glance at the wall clock. "But let's get your coffee first." I beckoned the waiter. "The lady will have coffee. Black, please, no sugar and no cream. I will have Earl Gray, if that's available. That will be all, thank you."

"Black coffee. Earl Gray." The waiter ambled off.

She sighed in frustration. "Dinner? Can't make it. I don't know how late the meeting will run."

"Maybe I could bring you coffee at the office. One of those gourmet blends. Perhaps I can convince you to try tea?"

"Whatever. As long as it has lots of caffeine."

"Allow me to spoil you. Is there anything else I can do for you? I missed you, you know."

Her eyes softened. "Sorry about the past few days. We've just landed a major account and I've been too busy--"

"Hush, it's okay." I leaned forward to kiss her, careful not to smudge her lipstick. Her cellphone rang, so I bumped her forehead instead. I quickly moved back as she snapped her phone open and listened.

After a rapid-fire conversation, she stuffed the phone into her purse and groaned. "Oh, damn! They've moved the deadline up, so we have to scramble." She threw me another apologetic look before digging around for her wallet.

"It's okay, I'll take care of it. You know I never let you pay anyway."

"Can't blame me for trying." She kissed me on the cheek again as she slid out of the booth. "I'll call when it's done!"

I raised a hand to signal the waiter in order to cancel the order. He hurried over with a tray, setting coffee in front of me and tea on the space opposite. I hadn't the heart to correct him or ask him to take the drinks back, so I thanked him and asked for the bill. People got it wrong almost everywhere we ate, anyway.

I reached for the tea across the table. Dark curls of flavor spread through the tepid water as I steeped it, swishing the tea bag around. While waiting for the flavor to develop, I lifted the coffee cup to my lips. The bitter taste made me grimace. I fingered the black velvet box in my coat. I took another sip, and then another, letting the burnt roast trickle down my throat. Coffee would take a while to get used to.

- Written in response to flashxer prompt "A relaxing spot of tea"