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4. Stargazing -- 160ch

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Highways intertwine, a concrete canopy lit by the unsleeping city. Stargazing, we find constellations not in the light-choked sky, but in twinkling offices.

3. Mail -- 160ch

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"No new mail."

"No new mail."

"1 new message(s)!" Heart jumps! Hands shake. Click, click.

Face falls. More spam.

2. A Teacher's Life -- 160ch

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The words feel thick and foreign in your mouth. You try again. Some nod. Most are indifferent. Bell rings. As they shuffle out, you smile through your despair.

1. No signal -- 160ch

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"Searching..." Step forward. Step back. Wave it around. Off. On. Still no signal. Expensive gadget? Plastic junk. She's waiting. Damn. Buy long-stemmed roses.