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I'm leaving on a jet plane...
../pics/japan/2004.08.24/001-manila.jpg At the Manila airport I was at the Manila airport three hours before our scheduled 9 o' clock departure, still bleary from a long night trying to bring this computer back up to a semi-working state. I met one of the other trainees while waiting for the check-in counter to open, which it did after an hour. A short while later, they announced that the flight would be several hours delayed for safety reasons, as the plane had landed very late last night and the crew needed to get enough sleep. Couldn't argue with that logic, so I headed home and grabbed a few more Debian packages.
My two co-trainees
../pics/japan/2004.08.24/005-mike.jpg Mike Santos Michael Santos works for a subsidiary of a Japanese company, and will train at the parent company while in Japan.
../pics/japan/2004.08.24/006-aris.jpg Aris Isias Aristotle Isias works for Astra Philippines. He will train at MSI as well. I think we have the same program.
Sunrise, sunset

The sunset just looks different from an airplane. These are fairly late shots, but I might also have some shots from above the clouds...


[[../pics/japan/2004.08.24/013-uematsu.jpg][../pics/japan/2004.08.24/013-uematsu.jpg Aris and Uematsu-sama]] ../pics/japan/2004.08.24/015-uematsu.jp Uematsu-sama and me

Uematsu-sama (pictured on the right) is our ultra-nice company representative. He met us at the Narita airport with a big "MSI" sign, helped us navigate through the twisty train system, and even picked up one of my bags (over protestations of "Daijoubu desu..") when we were confronted by stairs at our last stop. I don't know what time he managed to get home that evening, but, like, wow.

Nice person.

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