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2. Day 1: Orientation: 23:02

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From 9:30 to 12:00, people from AOTS, METI and other organizations talked about the course we are about to take. In the afternoon, we took written tests. I forgot the hiragana for "sa". How embarrassing! I also forgot the kanji for "sakana" (fish), and the reading for the character that means to stand up. Still, I finished the 100 kanji test easily. I barely figured out three or four on the 200 kanji test, though, so I'll need to study a lot more.

Kondo-sama said that after this program, we might be able to pass the level 2 or level 3 Japanese Language Proficiency Test. That would be rather nice.

I'm in section K. The other two Filipinos are in section L. We'll see how things turn out tomorrow.

1. Org maintainer ultra-active! ^_^: 17:40

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The org.el maintainer seems to be as compulsive as I am; probably Googles for org.el just like I check for PlannerMode and planner.el. Just got e-mail about my thoughts on org.el. Will reply soon.
Photo Diary
Training begins

The last picture is of the honking big Windows computer they insisted on lending us. For size comparison, that's my little one over there...

At this point, I realized that I really should just turn off the date function of my camera. Also, I should turn sound back on.

Will post more stories soon!

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