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きょう|わたし|はレストランに|ついて|はなしました。 今日|私|はレストランに|着いて|話しました。

Today we presented the results of our restaurant trip. I told my classmates about going around Yokohama by myself and the dialogue I had with the clerk at the restaurant. They understood and laughed. It looks like I'm not the only one who will order warm soba instead of cold soba next time!

We also had a fun debate about choosing between chatting on the Internet and playing sports, particularly during our AOTS training. My group was assigned to the sports side. It was easy to come up with arguments. Here are a few I thought up:

- き と からだ お つけなければ なりません。 - ともだち は あなた を わすれて しまったら、ほんとう に ともだち でわ ありません。 - スポーツするとき、にほんご を れんしゅう が できます。そして

I was particularly amused by a reason my groupmate came up with:

- スポーツ しなければ、おなか が おおきく なります。

(If you don't play sports, your stomach will grow.)

Incidentally, I played ping pong today. ^_^ My hand-eye coordination and control still suck, but I'll work on that.

Tomorrow, we'll go to Yokohama again and work on our field survey. I've already covered most of the spots, but look forward to helping my group find their way around. If they've figured the place out (or they get bored with the museums), we can, well, just split up and then meet again in the evening.

I was thinking of going to the shopping district just to see what curio shops they have. I doubt that I'll be able to bring my groupmates shopping, though, as they're all guys...