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Today we finished lesson 25. We'll start with Kiso II tomorrow.

By request, I am posting an account of mundane matters. =)


The cafeteria serves international food, so the dishes aren't particularly exotic. Pork, chicken and fish are always available. Beef, squid, clams and oysters occasionally make an appearance. It's fun reading the katakana entries. I suspect the attendants are beginning to notice that I ask for chicken curry and miso soup almost all the time. I think one of the attendants once proudly informed Aris that tinola was on that day's menu. Vegetables tend to be pickled, which is sorta okay, although I load up on fruits whenever they're available.

I swipe a magnetic card through the reader to get the receipt, then select one main dish, two (lunch) or three (dinner) side dishes, and a small bowl of soup. Sometimes I decide to get dessert as well--fruit cocktail, mostly. Although softdrinks also are free of charge, I prefer milk during breakfast and cold water during lunch and dinner. After dinner, I occasionally sip hot green tea.


Lump sum, which makes me worry a bit about other people's money management. They will probably either spend a lot at the beginning and worry at the end, or be miserly and un-fun for most of the training. =) I don't splurge, but I do also try to take the first circus and check places out.


Washing machines and drying machines are free of charge, but I feel somewhat guilty using them for just a few cotton pieces. Besides, my clothesline does nicely. I was pleased to see all of my articles of clothing still on the clothesline this morning. The pins were definitely a good idea.

Having Googled for instructions on handwashing (I love the Internet!), I feel reasonably more confident about laundry. Powder detergent seems a bit more convenient than the two bars of detergent I brought from home. There are boxes of detergent placed near the hand-wash sink and I _think_ they're meant for general use. If they aren't, I can always buy detergent at the reception.

Ironing is still a bit of a problem, as I keep worrying about forming creases on the back. AOTS provides irons in the washing room. Now if I could just figure out how to steam--I've always been curious... I also need to figure out how to use the ironing pads properly.