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AXL27: Web-based test (JapanProject)
AXL27: Homework (JapanProject)
AXPrepare fieldwork presentation (JapanProject)
AXRevise fieldwork speech based on Kojima-sensei's input (JapanProject)

I'm thinking of going to Hakone and Odawara this weekend.

2. More mundane matters -- studying

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The recent lack of photos can be attributed to the sudden increase in our workload. I have barely enough time to work on our two ongoing projects (character search and Yokohama fieldwork) and write a short entry here. Every day (except Sundays), I work on three to four pages of homework and take a web-based test.

The homework includes both listening exercises and writing exercises. I'm starting to get the hang of listening, although I review the clip several times to make sure I understood everything. Writing is fun, although the conjugation tables are a bit on the tedious side. Here are pictures of my homework.

The web-based tests are like the CD-based tests I took before coming to Japan, except this time I have to wait for the images to download. I'm still not quite sure if that time counts against my time total, but I strongly think so. Compensation would've been tricky to code in. =) It's okay, although the badly-compressed videos in the courseware section sometimes make me feel like I'm watching one of those identity-protected shows or Japanese psychological horror films: segments moving, disjointed, blurring unexpectedly...

2. Funky hats

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The advanced class made origami hats out of newspaper. Pay particular attention to the funky hat in the middle. It's supposed to be a samurai thing. =)

1. Reply to mom

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hi. wow! - I got featured in your website again! Tonight, papa and I had a long dinner at Jippan. the service was fine but we took our time. He had sukiyaki while I had chicken teriyaki. except that my chicken teriyaki was in a bento box so it had a lot more than chicken. We read (in English, of course) about the cold soba and the warm- or hot- soba. We would not have paid attention to such details if we had not read of your mis-adventures with the cold soba. You know us, we hardly even read the menu - we just order ebi tempura, sukiyaki or chicken teriyaki. This time, we read all the items on the menu while trying to recall if you had mentioned them. I guess papa and I were trying to be "with you"...hmmm... is "existentially" the right word? No, that's not it... "in spirit"..."super-something" where's the dictionary? We don't have the words to describe how lonely we are for you. We just really miss you, that's all; but of course we are happy for you, and we are thrilled t! o hear all your adventures and discoveries - big or small. Just keep writing. Love you always. Mom

Posting my reply here because (a) my parents read it everyday anyway, (b) I don't have to repeat it for everyone else, and (c) people can see how wonderful my parents are. <giggle>

Getting a bento box is definitely on my to-do list. Apparently, the long-distance trains are famous for regional bento box specialties. =) I'm planning to go to Hakone and Odawara this Sunday, if I finish all of my work in time.

The cold soba experience wasn't that much of a misadventure, but it's certainly something to keep in mind next time I order noodles! <laugh>

I haven't even _seen_ yakisoba since I arrived here--not even instant yakisoba. Couldn't find the familiar beige and blue spicy-chicken package in the supermarket. Yes, I looked. =) I think I should stock up on them so that just in case I get homesick, I can peel one open...

Today I had beef ramen. Yum yum. It looks like the cafeteria menu doesn't repeat week to week. Cool!

P.S.: For instant solidarity, simply get chicken curry from the Japanese section of the supermarket.