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AXPrepare kanji presentation (JapanProject)

1. My first Japanese presentation!

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In terms of both content and vocabulary, we seemed to have hit the sweet spot. The other intermediate group used a lot of complicated phrases. The advanced group did an information dump which none of us understood and few of the teachers could keep awake through. ;) The beginners presented mostly in English, which wasn't really the point of the exercise. The teachers were glad that our group focused on a few main points and explained them adequately in Japanese.


I'm looking forward to tomorrow's presentation on our character search activity. I plan to conduct it as a mini-class. I even bought candy so that I can reward participation. My inner teacher makes this presenting thing so much more fun...

Here's a video of me having stage-fright. It's around 6 meg. Sorry, Richi, if this makes your server crawl!