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1. Presentation and conversation practice

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Had tons of fun during my kanji presentation! I chose very simple kanji, but I presented them well. Instead of using the same format as the report, I decided to make my presentation interactive, conducting it like a class. I thought that was the best way to make sure that people listening actually got _something_ from the presentation instead of letting it wash over them like so much water. >laugh> I know I felt that with some of the more complicated presentations!

Aside from a small mix-up with one of the exercises, it was perfect. My teachers and classmates seemed quite impressed. <giggle> I love presentations, particularly when I'm supposed to teach something. I don't know how I'd do in a business environment, though, with my voice and animated manner! <grin>

The video is 11 MB and a little bit too large to just host on Richi's server. What's the best way for me to make it available? Maybe I could just grab the audio, but then you won't get to see me mime some of the things... <laugh>

After our presentations, we practiced conversational Japanese with volunteers from the community. I chatted with Satoumi-sama and her daughter Rio-chan from 3:00 to 4:30 this afternoon, finding to my pleasant surprise that I could actually focus on what they were saying instead of spending all my time formulating my replies. <laugh> We had a delightful conversation about all sorts of things. I started with the usual introduction: my name and my occupation. She said she worked with computers every day and she always had problems with viruses. I said it was terrible, really... <laugh> I also said that Windows is bad but unfortunately most people are obliged to use it, and she laughed. =) (Great! I can comment on computer things in Japanese now...)

I presented her with a packet of dried mangoes, which turned out to be her favorite fruit. Some of her friends are from Cebu, so... <laugh> (I was surprised to discover I have only a few packets of dried mangoes. I should remember to save some for my boss, or find some way of obtaining dried mangoes from the Philippines.)

Satoumi-sama brought a photo album, and I oohed and aahed over her trips to Fiji, Saipan, Thailand, Indonesia, and other places. She also had pictures of various festivals she and her daughter had attended.

I can't remember how we segued from that to things like the price of haircuts, short-hair problems, food... Satoumi-sama likes adobo, but can't stand balut. Apparently her friends told her it was tamago (egg), but she looked before eating, so never did. She was relieved to hear that I don't eat balut either. <laugh> Satoumi-sama and Rio-chan both like spicy food more than sweet food.

While Satoumi-sama and I chatted, Rio-chan played with the straw wrappers. I gave the scrunched-up wrapper of my own straw to her so that she could slowly let juice drip on it, making it squirm and lengthen. I laughed because I did the same before.

She also played with her crayon set, hid under the table (we had fun pretending we couldn't see her), twirled between chairs, and did other things kids do. I found out that she loves swimming and coloring. Her proud mom showed me her sketchbook. =) It had sketches of Pokemon characters, various scenes, people...

Rio-chan found the maps her mom showed me quite fascinating. Apparently, she'd just learned in school that the world's round, but she didn't believe it because she didn't see it. =) Rio-chan also made us guess a few things. I learned a lot from her. <laugh>

Her sketch of Pikachu turned the conversation toward anime, and I was surprised to find out that the anime I was familiar with was also the same shows that Satoumi-sama saw during her childhood. While we talked about TV, Rio-chan settled down and started sketching figures from Doraimon, one of the anime shows we mentioned.

When she finished, she turned the page around and started drawing... my teeth! <laugh> She thought my teeth were pretty. Both she and her mom think they have too many teeth, although actually they're quite fine. Satoumi-sama told me that dental emergencies are taken care of by insurance, but dental bridges and other cosmetic changes cost an arm and a leg. <laugh>

We talked about a lot of other things. I remembered to ask her for her e-mail address, and I took a picture, too. I'm definitely going to write them this week! I'll try to post pictures by Saturday. =)

I had such fun! Conversation seemed so natural, although I grasped for words from time to time. I should've probably just taped the whole thing! Next time, I'll make sure I have lots of fully-charged batteries so that I can record everything that happens.

After the conversation, my classmates and I hung around in the cafeteria. I blushed to find out our voices had carried all the way to the far end of the cafeteria, but my classmates reassured me that not only was it okay, but it sounded like we were having tons of fun. =) I'm looking forward to the next conversation session!

(No Internet today, so I can't finish the web-based test. Hey, I guess that means everyone will sleep early... Hey, it looks like Internet's back on! Hmm, it's acting up... You know what this looks like? Two servers fighting for dominance.)

(Kathy said Neko has taken to sleeping in the Internet room...)