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1. Still no Internet

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I can't plug my laptop into the computers downstairs, so I'm stuck with the Windows machines. I guess that means I'll go back to blogging on Livejournal temporarily. =) http://www.livejournal.com/users/sachachua/

Glad to see Geo-D's started posting on the flashxer mailing list (Yahoogroups). It's a great resource.

Today we took up origami in between serious lessons. That was tons of fun! I learned how to make that little ball I never did quite figure out before. I'm not sure if I still remember how, though.

I made a number of mistakes on my homework. Oh well.

I'm planning to go to Tokyo tomorrow. I think I've more or less planned my trip. I'm thinking of going to Harajuku, Akihabara and Odaiba for a little (window-)shopping.

Harajuku is known for strange fashions; I might just watch people walking around. One of their streets is named "Cat Street". I don't suppose... =)

Akihabara is, well, Akihabara. I'm thinking of getting walkie-talkies so that group trips are easier to coordinate. Or at least it'll be easier for me to split, then just rejoin the group when I feel like it.

Odaiba has a large second-hand goods store. It'll probably be somewhat like HMR. There's also a rather tempting hot-spring theme building. If I have time in the evening, I might go.

There are websites that allow one to figure out fares and times given the starting and ending stations. They're really cool! I found out that making a few transfers would save around 90 yen from the ordinary fare to Harajuku. The subway is normally more expensive than the JR lines, but in this case, it works out slightly cheaper for a short leg.

I laid out all my maps, highlighted my destinations, and figured out the most efficient way to go about doing this. If I follow my itinerary exactly, buying individual tickets comes out cheaper than getting the one-day pass. I guess I might as well get individual tickets.

The Suica thing looks intriguing, though. It appears to be a contactless pre-paid card. Getting one of those might mean less hassle at train stations, as I won't have to line up to buy tickets or have them adjusted. Plus, it's cool. ;)

Hmm. The times given for train travel are lower than I thought they'd be. That's great! Yokohama and Tokyo are closer than I thought. <laugh> Of course! If a train takes two hours to go from Yokohama to Hakone (which is somewhat far on the map), then naturally Tokyo won't take as long. I think I was confused by our trip from Narita.

I am mildly peeved. The pretty yarn I bought requires needles a bit larger than the ones I currently have. Big knitting needles are also easier to work with. If I have time, I think I'll pass by a department or crafts shop to buy larger needles.

Anyway, hope I get to upload my entries soon!