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2. Oops, nearly forgot karaoke story

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Han-san's birthday today, so we had a small karaoke party. It was fun. Apparently, if I just concentrate on volume, my voice smoothens out and becomes more controllable. <giggle> Thanks again to Kuya Ed!

1. Internet again! Finally!

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All riiiiiiiight. I caught up on a fair bit of mail and even got to do a little bit of planner hacking.

I'm in the news. =) http://www.itnetcentral.com/computerworld/article.asp?id=13924&leveli=0&info=Computerworld covers the Knoppix talk I gave at the Open Source Convention. Although I wish they'd thought of a different title, the story's pretty okay. <grin> I enjoyed the talk immensely, even though I finished way before time.

Windows is really annoying. I'm not quite sure how security's supposed to work. Anyway, I updated to Service Pack 2 (or at least I think I did; it's hard to tell, as all the messages are in Japanese) and am scanning my hard disk now. I'd feel much more comfortable if I could just firewall off everything. I shouldn't be getting any incoming connections aside from the ones I specifically want, anyway. This might be built-in functionality, but I don't know how to go about setting it up--Japanese OS... <laugh>

I think I study more effectively in small groups. I find it more fun than working on my own. Cuong-san, Bang-san and I worked on the group project and our Japanese language homework. We managed to keep each other focused. =) I had an easier time answering the questions because I knew they could help me figure out my errors.

Whee! Internet!

OH! Cool story! Our teachers are writing another Japanese-language textbook. Cuong-san and I will write essays for one of the modules. Our topic is fast food--what fast food is like in our countries and what we think of fast food in Japan. =) The module is a bit advanced, so I'll have to learn a lot in order to write an appropriate piece. It's fun, though, and I'm glad I have this opportunity to help out. Yay! =D