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No Internet. Again. Someone has a virus. ARGH.

There _really_ has to be a better way of doing this. How on earth do companies survive? How on earth do administers of Windows computers even keep sane?

I find the lack of room Internet inconvenient, but I think I'm far more bothered by the fact that it's _there_, but not being used. I _want_ to improve this situation. I know it will happen again and again, so they have to choose between simply not allowing room access, or figuring out a good way to deal with the problem.

I know it's not my problem and I'm probably soooo going against the Japanese way of waiting for someone higher up to come up with a good idea, but I also know they value constant improvement. I hope I haven't embarrassed anyone (but myself). I just... oh, I don't know. Want to help. Want to not feel helpless.

I talked to the network administrator earlier. He started last month. Tried to explain myself in broken Japanese and lots of graphs. Learned about their network configuration. The rooms are connected to a few switches. The labs are connected on other switches. Tree, which makes it easy to disconnect the rooms. The server appears to be Windows 2000. Their main problem is that they can't associate computer names with rooms.

I tried to ask them to hook us up just among ourselves. If I have intranet access, I can run Jabber. I won't have to sneakernet files over. I just... I just don't know how to explain it to them.

Forcing MAC address registration would've been a fantastic idea. I wonder if they know how to set that up on the server, though, and it seems like too much trouble to ask them to do. There are network admin systems that do automatic MAC address registration, but...

It's not my network. I'm not even a networks person. I'm just here to learn Japanese. I don't actually need Internet access in my room, it's just...

... I miss the Philippines. The Internet there might not be as fast, but it works. That's a bit unfair, though, as networks vary. I've always been lucky enough to be around great sysads. Come to think of it, ACENT was really quite funky.

But it'll all work out. I'll try to see if I can hint about the computer name; that should help them evolve a better solution in the long run. In the meantime, I'm here to study, and should concentrate on that.

(I miss my family and my friends...)