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4. Went back to Book First

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... and spent around two hours reading English translations of Japanese comics. I read the entire Chobits series while standing. <laugh> Also bought a kid's book for my class presentation. I hope to have memorized the story by the time I have to present, but if I have to, I can always read from the book. It's all hiragana anyway, so it'll be easy to read smoothly. I'm looking forward to using suitably dramatic voices. ;)

Also went to Shibuya 109, out of curiosity. Browsed through 8 floors of clothes. Checked the price on a leather trenchcoat. ;) 50000 yen, though. Steep. Wonder where I can find a second-hand leather trenchcoat in my size... Maybe around winter-time.

Finished reading Tokyo for Free on the train back. Definitely want to check out many of the places mentioned. Should also ask Kojima-sensei if the bicycle ban is just to work; if so, can take bicycle tour of Imperial gardens.

Am getting the hang of asking for directions. When not breathlessly excited, can actually speak in a fairly low voice. Remember surprising Diane with Japanese accent before. Same voice. Other anime girl stereotype.

3. At Planet 3rd

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Whee! After a long walk (and much getting lost), I finally found Planet 3rd. It's a tastefully done cybercafe tucked under the Toyoko line. I like how the train rumbles overhead. To think that I had to walk all around 3-chome just to find it, when it was just next to the station! I've ordered a Napolitana, and will definitely take advantage of the free Net access on the pretty iMacs. Must check my mail, browse the Net, and generally reconnect.

I should ask TLUG if they know of any cybercafes that'll let me plug my computer in and won't think I'm a cracker just because I use Linux. I need to fetchmail and rsync occasionally. Would I have to bring my own patch cable?

Must also think of a properly diplomatic way to follow-up mail no one responded to. Also experienced that in PLUG, as my long posts tend to not get useful replies.

Okay, time to surf.

Hmm. The iMacs won't load leathercollection.ph, complaining about security errors. Oh, well.

Book First

Book First is huge! I spent almost two hours browsing through translated manga. I read bits of Karekano, Chobits, and Doraemon. That was fun. Some of the translations had Japanese text, but without furigana. Shucks.

I headed for the Japanese language study books. Picked up another JLPT3 study guide, this time with two CDs. I also bought "Tokyo for Free", a guide to different no-cost attractions in Tokyo.

I have a major weakness for books. Obvious, yes.

1. At Bitcube, waiting =)

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I finally found Bitcube. It's actually easy to find, although a bit far from the station. I'll take pictures to help other people find their way. I hope someone comes. I'm really looking forward to being able to talk to other Linux geeks. Besides, the past few weekends have made me come to terms with my lack of skill at finding particular places in Tokyo. If it's on a map, I can find it. If it's not, though, I have to ask a lot of people. I now make sure I have the phone number of a place before going to it, although I still have a hard time listening to instructions over the phone.

I hope someone comes. =)

If no one comes, it's okay. I'll head over to Book First, a huge bookstore a short walk away from the station. I shouldn't buy any more manga, though. I bought another four volumes of Fruits Basket at Green Marche last night, as they were each half the price of a new copy.

Knitting is a great way to pass the time on the train. I got through half a ball of yarn in the commute to Shibuya, and finished the rest while waiting at Bitcube. It's starting to look like half a muffler. I'll pass by Jusco later to pick up another ball of fuzzy black yarn. While there, I think I'll also get the fancy red yarn.

Keio Bus 66 (Shibuya station) passes by this road.