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3. Lisp code for correct coding: 22:19

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(setq erc-encoding-coding-alist (quote (("#lisp" . utf-8)
          ("#nihongo" . iso-2022-jp) ("#truelambda" . iso-latin-1)
          ("#bitlbee" . iso-latin-1))))

2. Kansai Free Software Conference: 21:58

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Upcoming event, and it's in Osaka!

関西オープンソース 2004
大阪市中央区本町 1-4-5

Friday to Saturday. There's a Debian BOF on 10月23日 15:00 - 16:00. If I have no work on Saturday, I may be able to make it for a weekend in Osaka. If I have work, I'll just have to work double-time in order to clear that weekend. I _really_ want to go. In the spirit of taking the first circus...

I don't think I'll be able to make it to the 10月22日 19:00 - 21:00 party. That's okay.

BSD conference is on the same day.

11:00〜12:00 OpenOffice.org日本ユーザー
11:45〜12:00 Zeta Operating Systemの簡単デモ
12:00〜14:00 オープンソース翻訳者/翻訳プロジェクト BoF
14:45〜15:00 サウンドやCGのリアルタイム処理を簡単に!】
15:00〜16:00 Debian BOF
16:00〜17:00 ACRIのご紹介およびWebアクセシビリティ入門(仮)

1. Japanese post: 18:50

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I sent a card and a Bayanihan keychain to Ohashi Akira, the Debian developer who sponsors my packages. =) It was a very pretty card with an origami crane on it.

Also sent scrapbook stuff to Mom.