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Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
A1XWork on FurtherStudies from 2004.10.03
B1XWork on PlannerModeMaintenance from 2004.10.03
B2XRemember yanked text from E-Mail%20from%20Kai%20von%20Fintel (RememberMode)
B3XReply to hierarchical tasks from E-Mail from Maciej Kalisiak (PlannerModeMaintenance)
B4XFix european-calendar-style problem with rem2diary from E-Mail from Daniel Martins (PlannerModeMaintenance)
B5XCheck out Notebook from E-Mail from Frederik Fouvry (PlannerModeMaintenance)
B6XExpress profuse thanks to Kato-san (SocialInteraction)
B7XFind out if Tomoko can come on Fuji trip from E-Mail%20from%20Chiba%20Tomoko (SocialInteraction)
B8CThink about opening in multiple windows E-Mail from Angus Lees (PlannerModeMaintenance)
B9CReply from E-Mail from Hoan Ton-That (PlannerModeMaintenance)

6. Nightbus reservation information: 23:52

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5. Planner hacking day: 23:29

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We didn't have any homework today, so I practiced poi and then settled down for a night of aimless hacking, going over my PlannerModeMaintenance task list and seeing if there was anything I could get rid of. I made a couple of tweaks which might improve the behavior and sent out much-delayed e-mail. I have to admit that PlannerMode is making it really difficult for me to procrastinate properly, as I know I can always do something useful...

I also sketched out my statement of purpose for my FurtherStudies. I still can't quite scope it properly. Yes, I'm into personal information management. I'm into task management in particular, extending to personal information management (task-related contacts, e-mail, appointments, notes), collaboration and mobile/wearable computing. I really, really want to take a look at how people evolve custom personal information management systems to fit their needs. Well, I still have time to slowly refine my statement of purpose...

4. First draft of my/remember-current-kill: 22:55

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(defun my/remember-current-kill ()
 "Remember whatever's on the clipboard and commit it immediately"
 (let (remember-annotation-functions
       (remember-planner-append-hook '(remember-planner-add-timestamp)))
   (remember (current-kill 0))

3. : 22:54

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2. Osaka accommodations: 19:01

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Might be a good idea to get an international youth hostel association card. Offices:
Place Address Tel Fax
Japan Youth Hostels, Inc Suidobashi Nishiguchi Kaikan 2-20-7 Misaki-cho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-0006 03-3288-1417 03-3288-1248
Kanagawa 1 Momijigaoka Nishi-ku Yokohama 220-0044 045-241-6501 045-241-6501
Tokyo 2-21-4 Yanagibashi Taito-ku Tokyo 111-0052 03-3851-1121 03-3851-1130
Other places to stay

I've always been curious about capsule hotels. This is the only one in Osaka that accepts female guests...

Capsule Inn Nanba

Address 1-7-16 Nanbanaka Naniwa-ku Osaka-city
Phone 06-6633-2666 / Fax: 06-6633-5568
Access Subway Midosuji line Nanba Station
Price 2900 yen per night
Note shower, sauna and bath / individual rooms / female guests OK / 160 capsules

1. Haiku: 17:01

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We took up haiku in class today, just for fun. I wrote a lot. =) Then just for kicks, I translated them to English and coerced the translations into haiku form as well.
紅葉 降る もみじ ふる The autumn leaves fall
音 聞こえない おと きこえない Not a sound is heard at all
冬 が 来る ふゆ が くる Winter is coming
鳥 が 泣く とり が なく The bird is crying
桜 見ないで さくら みないで It can't see cherry blossoms
前 に 死ぬ まえ に しぬ Dying before then
日 の 黄色 ひ の きいろ Sun-yellow color
空 から 降った そら から ふった Falling from the sky above
米 入れる こめ いれる Goes into the rice
z木 たおれる き たおれる If a tree tumbles
だれか 聞かない だれか きかない And no one hears it falling
音 が する? おとがする? Does it make a sound?
富士山 は ふじさん は Fuji-mountain is
恥ずかしそう だ はずかしそう だ A bit embarassed, it seems
曇 掛ける くも かける Wearing cloud clover
冬 の 年 ふゆ の とし The years of winter
額 に 多い 線 ひたい おおい せん With many lines on forehead
心 夏 こころ なつ In the heart, spring
雀 泣く すずめ なく The bird is crying
子供 跳ばれる こども とばれる Children can now fly away
恋しい な こいしい な It misses them so