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BXReply to emacs-wiki thread in Debian user! =) from E-Mail%20from%20Yamagata%20Yoriyuki (JapanProject)
B1XFix embarrassing bug for Yvonne from E-Mail%20from%20Yvonne%20Thomson (PlannerModeMaintenance)
B2XSend flash fiction story from E-Mail%20from%20joey%20alarilla (ShortStories)
B4XSay yes about YOU and Infotech! whee! from E-Mail%20from%20joey%20alarilla (TaskPool)
B5XReply about design studies from E-Mail%20from%20Harvey%20Chua (Adphoto)

6. Planner mode note customization: 17:13

Ask and ye shall receive. =) I love hacking planner to fit people's desires...
;; What I want to have is the following:
;; - in the plan page, a note entry like
;; .#14  2004.10.05#3 12:24       Title of the note
;; Text of the note
;; - in the corresponding day page, an entry like
;; .#3  PlanPage#14 12:24       Title of the note
;; and no text in the day page.

;; To use:
;; (setq remember-handler-functions '(my/remember-planner-append))
;; It may be a good idea to (setq remember-planner-append-hook nil).

(defun my/remember-planner-append (&optional page)
  "Remember this text to PAGE or today's page.
This function can be added to `remember-handler-functions'."
  (require 'planner)
  (set-buffer (get-buffer-create remember-buffer))
  (let ((text (buffer-string))
        (title (progn
                 (goto-char (point-min))
                 (buffer-substring (point-min) (line-end-position))))
        (time (format-time-string remember-planner-timestamp-format
      (unless page
        (setq page (planner-read-name (planner-file-alist))))
      (setq day-note (planner-create-note))
      (setq start (line-beginning-position))
      (if (or (not page) (equal page (planner-today)))
          (insert text)
        ;; Add it to the plan page
            (setq plan-note (planner-create-note page))
            (insert " " (planner-today) "#"
		    (number-to-string day-note) time "\t"
        ;; Add the title to the date page
        (insert " " page "#"
		(number-to-string plan-note) time "\t" title))
        (narrow-to-region start (point))
         (lambda (hook)
                 (funcall hook)))))
      (when remember-save-after-remembering


5. I just posted something to debian-jp-user! =): 13:19

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Some people are having problems with Japanese input in Debian. I posted a reply in Japanese. Hope I didn't embarrass myself too much!


4. Essential web-based applications: 03:35

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Essential web-based applications - http://www.douglasjohnston.net/weblog/index.php/archives/2004/10/03/essential-web-based-applications/

He likes using emacs-wiki.el for local wikis. =) Yay!

Got the link off http://del.icio.us/inbox/sachac . My del.icio.us feed is at http://del.icio.us/sachac . =) Check it out for fun URLs every so often.

3. Inner marketing geek: 03:27

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I found myself unable to sleep after the disturbance, so I sat down and replied to Mom's mail on web site studies. I liked Indio's presentation because it was really customized for Adphoto. =)

I recommended their first design study, also commenting on the other studies my mom asked me to review. In my suggestions, I found myself going on a fair bit about copywriting. I may have an inner marketing geek. Must've been all those books I browsed through. Interesting...

I wonder if I made any sense. Looking forward to getting a reply from Mom.

2. October nomikai, Tokyo Linux Users Group: 02:15

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       Date:     October 15, 2004 (Friday)
       Time:     19:00-21:00
       Place:    Tengu New-Shinbashi-ten
                 Minato-ku, Shinbashi 2-6-4, Amakasu Bldg. B1
                 Phone: 03-3508-9448

       Event:    drink and eat (primarily a social activity)

       Costs:    will be divided up among participants
                 (usually around 3,000~4,000 yen)


1. Fire?: 02:13

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False alarm. I hope the person who left his or her bathroom door open while taking a hot shower is aware that the entire building has been woken up. Pfft.

First it was announced that the fire alarm on the third floor had triggered, and we were told to wait for further instructions. Our room lights came on, too. After around ten minutes, AOTS staff must've hit the "Fire" button by mistake, too, as we heard the announcement for fire. This was quickly followed by the announcement that there really wasn't any fire and that the previous announcement was a false alarm. Nice to know that the people who did their prerecorded messages thought of the possibilities.

Funny. We heard the Japanese announcement for fire first. I was halfway out the door before the English translation kicked in. Sleepy as I was, I had somehow managed to grab my laptop, my glasses and my jacket...

Time to go back to sleep.