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A1XGo on Fuji-san field trip

5. Fuji trip

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Went with Tomoko and the other trainees to Fuji-san. Also spent a few minutes along the way at Owakudani and Lake Ashi. Had fun. =)

Tomoko looked exactly as I'd remembered her. <laugh> She noticed I cut my hair, though.

4. Emacs wiki stuff in a language I do not understand at _all_: 00:18

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Could someone please translate this? It might be... ummm... the fact that we can't get emacs-wiki through cvs or subversion...


3. More emacs-wiki blog posts from Japan: 00:16

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最近,気分が良くなった話です.Debian devel@jp にて,emacs wikiの話にな
りました.そこにたまたま,emacs wikiのメンテナーだったsacha chua氏
るのを見ました.Debianが海外の仲間と連携しているのが debian devel@jp で
も目の当たりになって これは良い影響になる.日本の developer も海外と交

This is about international exchange. =)


2. Procrastination counter?: 00:12

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If you keep track of the start dates, we could have procrastination counters for more fun and profit. If we have deadlines, we could have deadline countdowns. More metadata in task descriptions, though...


1. First time personal Japanese blog post!: 00:00

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Check out the post labeled "emacs-wiki mode" on the linked site. <giggle> If you can't read Japanese, run it through a translator like WWWJDIC.
SachaさんはどうやらTNGのfanらしいのも素敵です。妻も子もあるのに、好きにな ってしまいそうです。抵抗は無意味でしょうか。

すごい! I'm so flattered!