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Finally got around to installing a network analysis tool.

Their computer seems to be broken. Oddly, things work perfectly on Windows. Mumble, mumble. Could my computer be broken? Very odd. Anyway, doesn't want to even say it exists, at least when I ask it. When Windows computers ask, it's okay.

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international exchange building second floor meeting room Lodging building D, 710

top - feedback Thank you for pointing it out 21:02 (JapanJargon:2)


指摘 [してき] /(n,vs) pointing out/identification/(P)/

E-Mail from Katsumi Yamaoka

top - feedback New video up: electronic dictionary presentation 21:01 (JapanTraining:9)

I forgot to video the actual presentation again, so I redid it in my room.


top - feedback Philippine characterization 18:37

sachac<giggle> The funny thing is that they're cliches as far as Philippine fiction goes, but flashxer's a Western list, so everything looks exotic... ;)
saito-ichikawaThe eternal conflict between man and carabao is hardly cliche. :)
sachacIsn't this the kind of rural fantasy that's plagued Philippine fiction for ages? <impish grin>
saito-ichikawaNaah. Carabaos are hardly even a staple any more.
saito-ichikawaThey should write more carabaos.
sachacPrecisely. I'm writing stories based on an image I have of the Philippine countryside, which is probably a stereotype without much factual basis.
sachacI do that because I find it difficult to characterize my home environment in a way that makes it distinctly Filipino.
sachacWhat is, after all, distinctly Filipino about Manila or Makati? One could mention the jeeps, but I stopped riding them when the LRT was opened.
sachacSo, tell me--what is the Philippines like? <grin>
saito-ichikawaThe takatak sellers. The nonexistent sidewalks. The blatant disregard for the traffic laws.
saito-ichikawaThe endless tiangges. The kids who play basketball on the side streets. The sirens you hear whenever an important political figure wants to overtake you.
saito-ichikawaThe kalesa drivers who ply a dying trade. The traffic lights that sometimes never work. The FX taxis holding up signs that point to their destinations.

Chat with saito-ichikawa on testing.bitlbee.org

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