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AXCorrect documents
B1XCorrect translation from E-Mail%20from%20shu%20minari (JapanJargon)
B2XThrow away unneeded papers (TaskPool)
B3XReply from E-Mail from Justin Jereza (TaskPool)
B4XReply about SPIJ and Japanese outsourcing from E-Mail from Yamaguchi K. (TaskPool)
B5XNote birthdays from E-Mail from Clair Ching (TaskPool)
B6XReply about space operas from E-Mail%20from%20Sean%20Uy (TaskPool)
B7XReply to Baryon from E-Mail%20from%20Baryon%20Tensor%20Posadas (TaskPool)
B8XReply about cosplay from E-Mail%20from%20clair%20ching (TaskPool)
B9XReply to Tomoko about trips from E-Mail%20from%20Chiba%20Tomoko (TaskPool)
B10XReply to nice letter from E-Mail%20from%20Dominique%20Cimafranca (SocialInteraction)
B11XReply to Ohashi-san from E-Mail%20from%20OHASHI%20Akira (TaskPool)
B12XReply about translation from E-Mail%20from%20Yutaka%20Kachi (JapanJargon)
B13CReply from E-Mail from Aadisht Khanna (TaskPool)

3. ARGGGH! Missed the LinuxWorld!: 22:33

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Pffft. See, I _really_ need an events calendar.

2. Last of the tests finished: 22:22

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All that's left is a presentation tomorrow afternoon. Yay!

I didn't do spectacularly, but I did do fairly well. I'm satisfied with my performance. =)

Now I have to figure out how to back up all these pictures...

1. .LRN consortium: 00:20

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[Slightly edited — KJC]
SOURCE Linux Weekly News
URL http://lwn.net/Articles/106277/


Several universities (including MIT, Heidelberg University, and the
University of Sydney) have gotten together and announced the formation
of the .LRN Consortium, which is dedicated to the development of open
source educational software. More information is available at

Just to be clear: this seems to be a consortium to support and promote
a particular suite of open source educational software:

       ".LRN is an open source application suite
        for learning and research communities."


From Etienne Goyer:

Another project with similar goals would be SchoolTool at http://www.schooltool.org/.