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7. SAND CATS - 563 words: 20:30

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"Here, kitty, kitty..." The girl made a welcoming sound in the back of her throat as she coaxed the shy tabby out of the sand. Loving hands ran over the cat's smooth, soft back, brushing away excess grains from the tabby as it turned a pebbled stare on her. Beside it, a sleepy cat yawned and stretched, oblivious to the inscrutable gaze of a sphinx who studied the retreating sea. Behind the girl, a calico cat twitched its coconut-ribbed tail as it stalked a mouse, teaching a pair of kittens how to hunt. A timid kitten peeked out of its mother's shadow, terrified by the sea spray. Carefully stepping back, the girl surveyed the gamboling cats and clapped her hands with delight.

Just one more, and then the light would be perfect for a picture. The girl worked with an easy rhythm, digging into hot sand with glee, raking away powder-dry layers to uncover memories of this morning's tide. Nimble fingers shaped the sand into an arched back, alert ears, and a bushy tail that almost seethed with anger. She bent to brush her lips against the cat's warm forehead and for a moment she thought she could feel it move under her hands. Asking the fierce cat to stand guard, she ran, breathless, to call her parents and show them the sand cats.

Her mother put her newspaper down, said "That's very nice," and went back to reading the entertainment page. Her father--ah, her father had a camera, her father would take a picture of her cats, would love them as she did! She flew down the beach, clambered among the rocks and pulled her father's sleeve insistently. He laughed. Of course he would come. He would take their pictures.

Her father ambled along the beach taking pictures of every wave, so slow she pulled him in impatience. Couldn't he hear the cats call out to them? Didn't he want to learn their names, their stories? Didn't he understand that her cats were waiting to be photographed, worshipped, loved? She dashed ahead, then circled back, alternately pulling and pushing him as she chattered about the cats' antics.

As they crested the rise, she heard the sea keen, a long, low note that sent shivers up her spine. The once-angry cat bowed its head in apology and pain, his face mauled by a vicious footprint. She cried out to shoo away the kids gleefully stomping on the other cats but no one paid her any heed, and when they moved on to other distractions, she ran to the ruined tableau of all her cats wounded and grieving.

She turned away so that her father couldn't see the saltwater that stung her face. In a wavering voice she said she'd do them again, already stooping to reform the cat closest to her, pouring all her love into it. Sand caked her skin and got under her fingernails but she didn't mind. She didn't even notice when her father strolled away, laughing about the simple joys of childhood.

When she smoothed the last cheek and pinched the last ear, the sun was too low and her father too far away to call for pictures or admiration. No one would understand anyway, no one but her cats. She sat there, still and silent, a sand-girl-cat guarding her kittens. The tide came in and claimed them all.

6. Good news and bad news: Pictures and Internet: 19:54

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The good news is that I managed to grab a copy of all the pictures I'd taken, after some panicking as I couldn't find the share listed. (13-character limitation of smbclient. Pfft. Accessing the share directly worked.)

The bad news is that apparently, I won't be able to access the Internet from my room in Tokyo Kenshu Center. My phone can do e-mail, though, and there'll probably be a small computer room there. =) If I'm really nice, maybe the company will let me plug in my laptop occasionally.

5. AlienMOO: 19:48

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<pusakat> sachac: you awake?
<pusakat> sachac: did you know that you last logged in to AlienMOO on Dec. 23,
          1994? hehe


4. Finished!: 16:49

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Did okay on my presentation. Met Uematsu-san and Tanaka-san. Tanaka-san is the president of MSI. Whee! =)

Kato-san is coming to Japan next week or next next week! I'm really looking forward to thanking him in Japanese.

Have to return the LAN cable now, so there won't be any updates until I get settled into TKC. Assuming TKC has room Internet. I really, really hope so.

3. : 16:41

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Good afternoon, I am Mr. Yamamoto. I myself have bought an electronic dictionary. Before I bought, I asked the shopkeeper what would be good. He recommended Casio, which is why I bought the one from Casio. It is my regret, I should've listened to your presentation, then I should've made up my mind. I have a plan to change to new mobile, so I should listen to your recommendations. Your generial orientation training started from end of August, and very soon, your OJT at host company will take place. I believe that you are the future bridges to make the interface between your country into the Japanese companies. My last word to all of you is that I definitely hope you will have a fruitful training session. We wish you great success and prosperity as well as the people from your host companies. Do your best.

Good afternoon, my name is Mr. Usui. I myself already bought an electronic dictionary. I must comment on your presentations. I'm very amazed by the amount of improvement you have all made over eight weeks. Selection of theme was also very good. The kind of electric dictionary I bought is the Sharp PW9000. However, I didn't make a thorough survey like you did, because I bought it on instinct. Despite the fact I bought it just on instinct, now I know my instinct was correct. Obviously, your OJT is going to take place, so I must ask all the people from the host companies to look after the trainees. I have three things I'd like to mention to all of you trainees. The first point is your technical training. You are here to receive your technical training and you will be receiving that from the specialists. The Japanese way of keeping time. As you know, the people working in this industry tend to keep long hours, so I'd like you to get used to it. I encourage you to build personal relationships while you're working here. I believe all of you future leaders will try to make the initiative when you get back to your country. It is a good opportunity for you to make contacts while you are here in Japan. The third point is that I hope you have the opportunity to get acquainted and receive lots of knowledge and information about Japan as well as the Japanese culture. As you already know, there are many sightseeing spots near the Tokyo area, including Kamakura as well as Hakone where you can see Mount Fuji, Nikko. I hope you can visit these spots. I hope you will learn to understand many good things about Japan and the Japanese people. When you go back to your country, I hope you will act like our PR man so that you can promote Japan and its people, and I hope ... (gah, buffer full).

Allow me to make a comment on behalf of all the attendants. So we are kind of giving AOTS AOTS has been giving us many services to our companies. I'm very honored to bbe here, invited to this meeting. I heard your Japanese presentations today. I am amazed and surprised to hear such good Japanese presentations. If I put myself into your position just learning Vietnamese language for just eight weeks, I could not make that fantastic achievement. If I recall when I was your age, that was maybe about 30 years ago, we Japanese, we didn't have the opportunity to study abroad at that time. So looking from my point of view, you have a great opportunity to study here in Japan, it's like a dream. So I must encourage all of you to study and continue to study our Japanese language lessons which you have received from AOTS as well as the culture and the technical learnings you will receive from your company. And I hope that one day you will grow up to be a person who can make a contribution not only to your country but also to Japan, other Asian countries, and the world. On the way back home, I will definitely purchase the dictionary manufactured by Sharp.


2. 04YIT8W General orientation countres: closing meeting: 13:35

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Before we start, I'd like to mention some of the points. Today, we have a number of people from the magazine publishing company called Arc, providing both English and Japanese studies. They are here to record your Japanese presentation for your studies.

Secondly, we would like to thank you very much for the attendance from the host companies. Some of them will not be able to stay until the end.

This is a request for all the trainees. After the closing ceremony, would you please remain in this room? There are a number of things we would like to give to you.

From now on, we would like to start the 04YIT8W final presentation to show your achievements. For the people from host companies, please look at the schedule. As of 1 PM up until 4 PM, or a duration of three hours, we would like to show the achievements of our trainees. First, I would like to introduce all the attendants. I will be extremely grateful if when I call the names of the person from the host company, if they could stand up. ... Thank you very much for the attendance from the host companies. ... more introductions ...

Allow me to give you the outline of this YIT8W course. For the people from the host companies, please look at the handout material with the itinerary. The trainees, please look back over your past eight weeks. Your eight weeks general orientation weeks is aimed to achieve a smooth transfer from here at YKC to the OJ training to be received at your host companies. During your stay, you were given the essential training, including Japanese language as well as adaptability to living in Japan and smooth learning for your training. We have established your general orientation curriculums to provide you with Japanese language training in the morning. In the afternoon, you had a mix of lectures and company visits. For the lectures, we have invited specialists as well as professors from different universities, and you have been given the five lectures. A number of themes include Japanese society from the viewpoint of foreigners, and the current status of the Japanese IT industry, and the structure of the Japanese software industry, and the exchange with ... And project management carried out by Japanese software companies. During these lectures, you have gotten quite an indepth knowledge of the Japanese industry as well as the IT industry. So far you have had two visits. The first visit was to a company called Arc Information Technology. The second visit was to the CEATEC exhibition. During these visits, you have acquired knowledge on how these software companies manage their products. You have also learned about advanced technology in the IT industry and how these are applied in the curernt business. Every week, you went through a number of projects. ... Independent and autonomous way of acquiring studies. ... Your studies don't only take place inside the classrooms, but also outside.

(At this point, I decided to just keep abbreviated notes.)

228 hours so far in our training.

(Presentations. I have decided to just listen.)

1. I want trackback: 00:00

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I really want trackback support. I think I will need some kind of crazy PHP hack to get that to work.

I am primarily interested in making it easy for people to link to my site and have their excerpts displayed on a separate page. Any ideas? Something that works with an RSS feed might be good.