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B1XReply from E-Mail%20from%20suzume@mx82.tiki.ne.jp (TaskPool)
B2XReply from E-Mail%20from%20Xue%20Ruini (TaskPool)
B3XFigure out problem with emacs-wiki from E-Mail%20from%20Xue%20Ruini (TaskPool)
B4XFix translation again from E-Mail%20from%20shu%20minari (TaskPool)
B5XUse planner-gnus patch from kanaldrache from E-Mail%20from%20Mario%20Domgörgen (TaskPool)

4. Kansai Open Source 2004

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It was so much fun! I'm really glad I attended. I didn't catch most of the conversations, but I learned a lot from the little I did understand.

I attended the OpenOffice.org, translation and Debian BOF (Birds of a Feather) sessions. It was nice seeing people whose names I recognized from the lists. For the OO.o and translation sessions, I think I was the only girl in the room. The Debian BOF had a few other girls, though. <laugh>

The popularity of Emacs among Japanese users surprised me. Apparently, Emacs support for Japanese was early enough and good enough to get most people to stick with it. I had a strangely easy time understanding the Emacs-related conversations. For example, some people were talking about the difference between C source code and Lisp source code and the fact that C source code isn't easy to jump to under Debian. Another time, we were talking about different mail clients and personal information managers. (Note to self: must check out MHC.) They asked me what I used Emacs for, and laughed when I said Emacs could be used for everything. They know what it's like. <grin> Whee!

I'm particularly glad I attended the informal Debian nomikai after the event. I met a lot of interesting people, and I learned much from them. They're such a wonderful group! Although there were times that I felt I didn't understand anything, these were quickly followed by times when I could catch enough of the conversation to understand their gist and even participate. They really helped me feel like part of the group. I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to meet them.

I have lots of GPG keys to sign, and I've given my GPG fingerprint to quite a number of people. Now for the next step of in the Debian new maintainer application!

Tomorrow is my go-around-Osaka day. I bought a ticket that'll let me go sightseeing, so I need to plot my route on the map first. Then I need to make sure I catch the Night Bus home. <grin> Looking forward to it...

Hotel Kinki

Unfortunately named, but a good place to stay.

3. Debian BOF: 16:40

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Slideshow of people from the Debian project.

Debianメンテナへの道 http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~ohura/

~40 Japanese DDs

- Philosophy and procedure - Tasks and skills

公開鍵 - public key

2. Translation BOF: 13:53

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Lots of people use Emacs. Way cool. Edict's apparently the best way to look up things. I had hoped that a rikai.com-like mouseover/helpecho method existed, but segmentation is hard, so...

1. OO.o demonstration: 12:05

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Community Manager Louis Suarez-Potts


Misc toolbar moved to the bottom. Toolbars now draggable and dockable, like MS Office. Tweaks to the toolbar so that it's more like Microsoft Office. Toolbar icons changed to mimic MS Office even more. Drop-down autohide stuff. Format paintbrush, etc. Come to think of it, it's almost indistinguishable now... Task layout similar to new Office, slide view on the left. Database.

Ah, I see, the table-line-drawing code is in a fork, and it will be merged in a short while.

Problems supporting Japanese input under Linux because there are som any input methods. They have to work with many platforms...