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Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing in Japan



to stake out an unexplored place and make it my own.


9. Met Tomoko and her friend: 23:44

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I had a hard time finding Tomoko at the Shinjuku station because there were so many people. Even with cellphones, it took us two to three minutes to find each other.

She introduced me to one of her friends who is going to the Philippines next month. As her friend is really interested in news and photos, I shared the pictures Mama sent and my family's contact information. I think she'll have a wonderful time. I certainly enjoyed the dinner!

8. Kitted out: 23:41

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Went out in coat, gloves, scarf, and bonnet. Still felt cold, but didn't shiver as much. And this is just autumn! Uh oh. No pictures yet, though. Sorry. =)

You can check out Tokyo weather on the Net and send me sympathy. Or sunshine, which would be greatly appreciated.

7. Coincidence: 23:31

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harveychua0208 what's this - do your friends take turns? Dominique signs off when Ranulf signs on? or that was just coincidence?
Aha! This could be some kind of alter ego thing... ;)


6. Translators EB: 22:09

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Date Saturday, Oct. 30
Time 6:00pm (til about 9, 9:30)
Place Oiwake (Taito-ku Nishiasakusa 3-28-11) http://www.oiwake.info/ 3844-6283
Access Iriya on the Hibiya sen or Tawaramachi on the Ginza sen

I just want to let everyone know the details of this Saturday's get together in Tokyo. Several of us will be going to Oiwake and I hope that more can join us. Here is the information. If you can come, please try to let me know by mail or phone so we can add to the reservations.


5. Coding life: 00:23

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I have come to the realization that as much as I love coding, I don't think I'd want it to be my regular job. I like teaching. I like being in a classroom. I like talking to people. I like open source. I like being able to choose my projects and hack on stuff I want to do. If that means living simply, well, that works for me... =)

4. In other news: 00:21

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Pretty much done with the code for the little project they gave us. Am a few days ahead of the Friday deadline. Can spend the rest of the time cleaning up documentation, working on translations, that sort of thing.

3. Backlog: After the conference: 00:20

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Half of my personal mail was in Japanese thanks to the keysigning. I liked that a lot. I should write in Japanese more often...

2. Met Jean-Christophe Helary: 00:19

JC Helary is a professional French/English/Japanese translator who handles documents from the countryside. He comes to Tokyo every month for business meetings and whatnot. I met him through the OpenOffice.org translate-ja mailing list.

He showed me OmegaT, a tool for computer-assisted translation. It's an interesting-looking Java project with a bit of room for improvement. I hope I can help out!

Conversation was tons of fun. =D

Nice guy. Saw I was pretty cold (had forgotten to grab my coat when I rushed to work this morning) and lent me a warm sweater. Will return it on Saturday, preferably with a patch or two (code, not sweater).

1. Mail problems: 00:11

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cyrus (Hiya, Jijo!) is dropping mail from me again, so I have to send mail using my own MTA for now. Unfortunately, many sites block me. Should really get in touch with Jijo soon.