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4. Hikarunix: 23:58

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eclair wrote in her blog:

My sister [info]zhynchan seems to have been bitten by the Go bug again after I showed her Hikarunix, a Linux distro on live cd and it is dedicated to Go. Yes, Go, as in the Japanese board game with black and white stones.


3. ISWC: 23:56

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ISWC is _the_ wearable computing event.

Next year, it will be held in Osaka, Japan.

You have no idea how annoyed that makes me.


2. Update on "Crazed": 23:48

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UPDATE: Apparently, the only source for the Faye story is a paid advertisement, so the info is iffy. That's a pity, because there are so many other stories out there that are less outrageous and yet more inspiring. We don't have to have against-all-odds stories to take pride in being Filipino. There is also courage in the little things we do.

I find the original speech also a little over the top. I should get around to writing down my opinion on the thing. I guess that's why I'm not a debater, eh?

I also find it rather strange that a number of people who arrived at this site looking for information on "Faye" and the Intercontinental Science Quiz Net were strongly convinced that it was a hoax, and rather vocal about saying so. I think those people are focusing on the wrong thing. It's not about the existence or nonexistence of one person, nor is it even about this preoccupation we might have with media. I think the most important thing to remember here is that there is a world outside our cozy little niche with stories we do not know and perhaps never hear of, the truth or falsehood of which we do not personally know and cannot because we have not yet stepped outside our comfort zone.

You may think it's easy for me to say that, surrounded by autumn leaves in a First World country, but there is more to this than I can find the words to explain.

I miss the Philippines. I miss the way the streetchildren's stares shock me into realizing that all I have done so far is lacking, that there is still more to be done. I miss the way the squalor of squatter communities reminds me that I need to find something I can do to ease the urban pressure. I miss the questions in my students' eyes, questions that I try to answer but fail to explain to my satisfaction. The Philippines is not perfect. Far from it, even. It is that very imperfection that brings me out of myself and makes me reach for greater things.

What is one more candle in a land lit by a thousand suns? It is in dark places that light is needed most.


1. Trip!: 23:26

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English translation follows. Don't worry. =)


知子さんはご書体してもらった。昨日の晩、知子さんの家で寝た。晩ご飯はお いしかったカレーだった。そして三つ甘かった蜜柑をたべた。梅干しのお茶を 初めて飲んだもらった。おいしかった。素晴らしかった。。。お母さんとお父 さんはとても親切にした。私は日本語がまだ下手だから、話しは分かりやすくしても らったと思う。色々な事を話した。果物など(知子さんはマンゴーが大好きだ; 覚えたほうがいい)、教育など。。。楽しかった。晩ご飯のあとで、お風呂に入っ た。気持ちがよかった。今日の旅行に早く起きなければならなかったから、早 くてよく寝た。

朝ご飯はケーキです。お腹がいっぱいだった。バスで小田急玉センターに行っ た。私は乗り方を知っているから、知子さんはびっくりした。すごいと言った。 旅行のバスに乗り換えて、寝た。(本当にまだ起きなかったと思う。)

私達は先ずにワイナリーへ行った。私はワインをあまり飲めないけど、色々な ワインを飲んでみた。強かったのが嫌いだった。甘かったのほうがよかった。 でも、チーズの方が好きだった。スモークチーズは一番おいしかったから、お 土産を買った。(知子さんはいくら遠慮しても、私はお世話になったから、ぜひ 買いたかった。)

それから、キムチ屋へ行った。韓国人が準備したキムチなど味を調えた蒜など 食べてみた。始めからずっと食べた! 山へ行ってハイキングしてよかった。石 で階段があった。素晴らしかった。ちょっと恐かった。倒れやすそうんだった。 疲れてからからになった。。。でも、田舎はとてもきれいだったから、頑張っ た。上ってよかった。=)

運動したから、木から柿を一つずつ自分で取って、倉庫へ買い物に行った。 柿や葡萄を食べてみた。(ウワ。太ったと思う。) お腹がいっぱいになったから、珠 玉の博物館へ行った。功績の庭はきれいだった。功績の見分け型を教えてもらっ た。(全然覚えない。)

最後に湖に行った。富士山はよく見えた。とてもきれいだった!絵葉書みたいだ。 有名なお菓子屋も行った。お土産をかった。


日本の旅行なら、食べたり、見物したり、食べたり、買い物したり、食べた り、運動したりしていると思う。;)


The trip to Yamanashi was so much fun!

Tomoko kindly invited me. Last night, I slept at her house. Dinner was a delicious curry. I also had three sweet mandarins. It was my first time to drink dried plum tea. That was delicious. Everything was wonderful! Her mother and father were very very nice. I think they made their conversation easier to understand because I'm still bad at Japanese. We talked about various things. For example, fruits (Tomoko really likes mangoes; I should remember that), education... It was fun. After dinner, I had a bath. That felt good. Because I needed to wake up early for today's trip, I slept early (and well).

We had cake for breakfast, which made me quite full. We went to Odakyu Tama Center on a bus. Tomoko was surprised that I knew how to ride the bus. She said it was cool. After we changed to the tour bus, I fell asleep. (I think I had not yet really woken up.)

First, we went to a winery. Although I don't really drink wine, I tried different kinds of wine. I didn't like the strong one. The sweet one was better. I liked the cheeses, though. Smoked cheese was the most delicious, so I bought a present. (No matter how much Tomoko tried to dissuade me, I felt very grateful, so I really wanted to buy a gift.)

From there, we went to a kimchi store. We tried kimchi (prepared by Koreans), flavored garlic, and other things. We'd been eating since the beginning! It was good that we then went to a mountain and did some hiking. Stairs were carved into the rock, which was wonderful. It was a bit scary. It looked like it was easy for us to fall. We got a bit tired and parched... but the view was so beautiful, so we kept on going. It was good that we climbed!

After this exercise, we each picked one persimmon from a tree, then went shopping. We ate persimmons, grapes, and other things. (Waa. I think I gained weight.) After we were full, we went to a crystal museum. The crystal garden was beautiful. We were also taught how to distinguish crystals. (I don't remember anything.)

Lastly, we went to a lake. Mt. Fuji could be seen. It was so beautiful! It was like a postcard. We also went to a famous confectionary, and I bought a gift.

Today was so much fun. I am much obliged to Tomoko and her family, and am glad I went.

I think if you're talking about Japan tours, it's eating, sight-seeing, eating, shopping, eating, exercising... ;)

(Waa. If I don't translate this to English, my family and friends won't understand...)