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5. Pfft. Geek bias.: 22:38

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Hmm. 51.67653% - Super Geek. Oh well. Slightly disappointing. ;) Then again, I'm not part of the usual(?!) geek culture. I don't really dig media or collect stuff. I'm a free software, text UI kind of girl. <laugh>


4. Nifty! The quick start's sorta readable!: 22:26

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Clair has started playing around with Emacs and Planner. She found the quick start useful. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Clair: A basic Planner should automatically pick up filenames from the current buffer unless you're on a date page. Try using planner-create-task-from-buffer from another plan page or from a file on your hard disk. If that doesn't do something interesting, please e-mail me. =) Have fun!

3. Collected links for Faye story: 21:38

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Some people e-mailed me for information, so I figured I'd see what I could come up with using my searching-fu. Google and Altavista, intercontinental science, faye jasmine trias.

If you're looking for more information on "Faye", check out the following links. I've compiled them from the updates on 2004.10.29%231 to make your browsing life easier.

Static pages:

- Faye being used in political attack on gov't? (2004.11.04) The

Postscript article points out that this is not just about the existence or nonexistence of Faye or even the veracity of the story, but also the political criticism in the story.

- Is Faye's story true, or just another fairy tale? (2004.11.02) The

previous column raised questions that need to be answered.

- Misplaced priorities can mislead the nation (base article) The article

from Bread of Life Ministries.

Dynamic pages, discussion:

- J. Angelo Racoma's blog - (Hey, long time no see. I know him from

way back.) Has archived copy of Evangelista follow-up and link to Philstar article, which will be broken really soon because Philstar doesn't archive articles. Odd, that. Anyway, the blog is probably the best resource you'll find. Check the Nov 5, Nov%204 and Nov%203 entries.

- The Faye Story (ongoing), a blog entry with a lot of discussion. A

number of people in the discussion are convinced it's a hoax. Others claim it is true. The discussion becomes racist near the end, but is otherwise interesting. Another discussion from the same blog has degenerated into puns and kneejerk proofs of how it's impossible to verify identity on the Internet, but may eventually contain something interesting. <shrug>

- GovPH thread (2004.10.29 - present) Another discussion forum with a

handful of posts. Patricia Evangelista's first article is reposted here. cetacea commented that the constant references to Jasmine Trias seems to be a display of crab mentality.

- PinoyPC - Noteworthy because of the scan of the original ad,

if you're into that sort of thing.


2. Will move to a hotel: 20:15

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New trainees are coming to Tokyo Kenshu Center next week, so Aris and I have to move to a hotel temporarily. We'll get our stuff from TKC on Tuesday evening and move to a hotel near the Ayase train/subway station, one stop away (grr; that makes the commute a little longer). I probably won't have Internet access then, and will connect mainly from the office.

Aris will check out of the hotel on Saturday and move back to TKC. I'm meeting Tomoko on Friday night for another trip, though, so I need to move my luggage earlier. I don't think it'll fit within coin lockers. Logistics are somewhat complicated...

- 1. I need an overnight bag for Friday-Saturday containing pajamas and two changes of clothes for the next day. (Onsen trip.)

- 2. I need business clothes for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

- 3. I can leave luggage at TKC.

- 4. If I don't mind walking for 20 minutes, I can pass by TKC on the

way to Ayase.

- 5. I will be late if I have to go back to TKC or Ayase on Friday night.

- 6. My onsen trip is on Saturday.

- 7. Coin lockers are generally only for one day, so leaving a

Thursday-Friday overnight bag at Shinjuku is out of the question.

- 8. I may be able to leave my overnight bag and/or work bag in the


MONDAY NIGHT: Lug big luggage down to lobby. Put aside clothes in a bag, and label them clearly. I need business clothes for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. I can include Fri/Sat overnight clothes in this bundle. Wear pleated skirt, which will be packed.

TUESDAY: Put pajamas into a small bag and add them to my left-behind luggage. Go to work carrying normal work bag. Check into the hotel in the evening. AOTS will make sure my set-aside clothes will be there by then.

WEDNESDAY: Wear black striped skirt and black blouse.

THURSDAY: Bring Fri/Sat overnight clothes to work.. Leave work bag in office.

FRIDAY: Check out of the hotel in the morning. Bring hotel clothes to work. Pick up overnight trip clothes. Leave blazer in office.

SATURDAY: Trip! =)

SUNDAY: Unpack dress, hang to deal with wrinkles.

MONDAY AFTER: Bring work bag and hotel bag back to TKC.

Oh no! The Tokyo Linux Users Group meeting might be during that weekend! That changes things. I promised to give a talk on personal information management, and it's something I've also really been looking forward to...

Let me e-mail Tomoko to see if we can move the onsen trip. Going for the Tokyo Linux Users Group thing makes my packing a little bit easier, because I don't have to worry about the overnight.

1. Update on Faye: 17:00

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Followup stories. Posting because people who read this blog might be curious.

- Faye being used in political attack on gov't? (2004.11.04) - Is Faye's story true, or just another fairy tale? (2004.11.02)

- The Faye Story, a blog

entry with many comments. Turns into a racist discussion near the end, but oh well.

There's apparently a followup by Patricia Chanco Evangelista in the 11/05/2004 Philippine STAR, but I can't find an online copy. I saw it on a mailing list, though, which means people will probably forward it again. <wry grin>