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3. w00t!: 23:16

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I can play videos! <grin> apt-get install vlc worked like a charm.

I can't believe this is the first time I've actually played video on my own system...

2. Things I need to do: 10:56

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I will not have access to a web-based training terminal next week, so I have only today, tomorrow, and next Sunday to finish the next seven lessons in the Chuukyuu course.

I also need to prepare a presentation for the 2004.11.13 technical meeting of Tokyo Linux Users Group. I plan to talk about advantages, disadvantages, and implementation tips for personal information management under Linux. TODO, plain text files, wikis, request trackers, vim outliners, and of course planner.el plugging...

There's that long-standing assignment to write about courage for Mrs. Castillo.

I also need to pack all my clothes and put away all my things by Monday night.

I also need to send the tea video.

I will finish the rest of my laundry, then work on my Japanese studies. I will also transfer the files then. After I finish three or four chapters, I will outline my talk and the story for Mrs. Castillo. I should make arrangements to meet Arlyne Santos. How embarrassing; it's been a few months already...

1. Sketch website design: 01:41

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"Informal tool for early stage web site and UI design"

Might be _really_ fun on a Tablet PC...