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A1XDeliver talk on Taming the TODO (PersonalInformationManagement)
B1XReply about Filipino speech synthesis: E-Mail%20from%20Roselle%20Ambubuyog (TaskPool)
BXDescribe AOTS program: Chat%20with%20harveychua0208%20on%20testing.bitlbee.org

6. Side note: 7-5-3

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In other news, I also passed by a temple to check out the special events for 7-5-3, a children's holiday. Seven-, five- and three-year-olds are dolled up in full outfits (including headdresses!) and taken to temples. The temple I went to was pretty small. The Meiji temple would probably have been much cooler in terms of, like, touristy images of Japan, but somehow I don't want to just gawk and take a postcard-like picture...

5. Talk experience

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I gave a talk on "Taming the TODO" to the Tokyo Linux Users Group. For around forty-five minutes, I talked about strategies for managing tasks and how to get the most out of your task manager. I focused on informal personal information managers like e-mail, text files, and custom hacks.

The talk was fun, although I got a bit nervous again, and ended up speaking a bit too quickly. I was able to make them laugh, though. I'm still not sure if my talk was all that helpful considering it's probably common sense to everyone, but I think that preparing talk notes for distribution (or an article!) would be a good exercise.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a video of the entire thing. What a waste!

4. ssh can do socks: 17:46

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3. TLUG administrivia: 17:03

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Person from TLUG: Server being moved. The move will be from Nov 27 to 28. We're planning to shut down the server on Friday night. Hopefully we'll be back up on Sunday night, but I doubt it. We don't know when the server will come back up. I asked them for some more details, but they haven't responded yet. The server downtime is probably going to be around Nov 26 PM to Mon 29th. No list during that time. .. has graciously offered to put up a temporary web server. Discussion of web and mail contingency plan. Planned server upgrade: 2, 160 GB, 8 MB cache, 20,500 yen. Also, 3000 yen for new server rails because of move. OSDN will organize this; we'll just pay them later.

LAN card auctioned for 100 yen.

Xen virtual machine. Really funky. Now in version 2.

SQLite. Now has page-level locking (not table-level anymore). Person says it's easy to use, lots of bindings. Has views, triggers, etc. Not separate RDBMS, but bound to process. Seems like a great idea.

IMMS for XMMS, tweaks your playlist according to your playing preferences. Uses SQLite.

frees/wan, openswan, openvpn, ipsec howto for linux kame

instiki - there is no step 2. wiki

erlang, functional programming language, might be easy to get started with. Developed from the beginning to be process-aware; distributed programming. You can update running systems. Can capture errors or send stuff. heartbeat, too.



2. The talk was tons of fun!: 15:32

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I forgot to record video, though.


1. Slides for "Taming the TODO": 12:16

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