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8. DLSU Braille SMS project: 23:32

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Someone tell me why I have to go all the way to an Indian newspaper to find out about a cool SMS to Braille project developed by DLSU students.

Thanks to Dominique for the link.


7. Workaround for tla signed archive problems: 23:30

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> create a file called ~/.arch-paramas/signing/sacha@sachachua.com--main.check and put, as the only line, 'echo -n' in it.

echo -n produces no output and returns 0 so tla thinks the signature check succeded.


6. Project Roselle: 21:58

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Hello, everyone! I was going to write a formal news-y write-up, but I'll leave that for the serious bloggers.

Here's the long and short of it:

Roselle Ambubuyog is way, way cool. After being the Ateneo valedictorian (BS Math) and winning truckloads of awards recognizing the inspiration she has provided for so many students, both blind and seeing (including me! =) ), she went for actuarial mathematics at UP. I sat in some of her classes and they boggled my mind.

Now, she's working from the Philippines as a consultant for the US-based Freedom Scientific. She's also working with the Rotary Club on Project Roselle, which donates scanners and readers to schools so that other blind children can study.

Over the past three years, they've raised enough money to donate equipment to three schools: Ramon Magsaysay High School in Manila, Quirino HS in Quezon City, and Bagong Silang HS in Caloocan. Next year, they'd like to reach out to schools outside Metro Manila. They're also exploring ways to help blind people work at call centers and integrate better into the workplace. They'd like to donate to two schools a year, but don't really have a lot of money for the hardware.

I think what they're doing is really cool. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of information on the Net about their project, and chances are you haven't heard about it yet. Which is why I'm posting it here. =)

If you want to get in touch with Roselle, drop me a note and I'll forward your message to her. (I haven't asked for permission to post her e-mail address yet.)

- FEATURES:%20Achieving%20Magis%20-%20by%20Ma.%20Katrina%20C.%20Reyna%20and%20James%20Alfred%20L.%20Lim%20(18%20August%202003) - Inspiring Manila Bulletin article about Roselle Ambubuyog and Dianne Rose Rivera - Manila Bulletin article about Rotary Club

5. Charles Yeung's blog: 20:14

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My blog is at http://thespoke.net/MyBlog/Enrison/MyBlog.aspx

<laugh> Where's everyone else?

(See 2004.11.16#4 for the 'mini-testimonials' about the ACM contestants. =) )


4. Ateneo CS department is so cool: 20:08

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I can't get over the fact that not only does our department chair have a blog (Headless Chicken (Didith Rodrigo)), but she also regularly checks out students' blogs and comments on them.

Ateneo is so cool. I strongly recommend it to anyone considering computer science in the Philippines.

Must get my master's degree soon so that I can go back to teaching... =)

theSpoke: Headless Chicken (Dr. Rodrigo)

3. Lifehacks: Doing my mail on the train: 18:01

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If I leave work right after the clock chimes at 5:30, I almost always manage to get a seat on the train going home. This means I can do my mail and a little bit of blogging besides. I aim to answer all of my personal mail and acknowledge all other mail needing my action on the day I receive them.

The train I transfer to is crowded, though, and I don't have my one-handed keyboard set up yet. (Need to recompile my kernel.) During then, I loop over my Japanese review materials. Headset + laptop is an excellent combination!

2. Aha!: 15:21

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Finally integrated my ever-so-funky JUnit-tested business logic layer with JSPs and actions through Struts. This calls for a celebration! Open the bag of adobo-flavored Nagaraya cracker nuts!

1. Handling login authentication in Struts: 11:30

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Best practice: Extend RequestProcessor and perform authentication in methods such as processActionPerform() or processRoles().

- http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-09-2004/jw-0913-struts-p2.html