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Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
A1XE-mail Doc Mana asking for advice (FurtherStudies)
B1XMake it easy to create a linked note based on a task: Chat%20on%20saberhagen.freenode.net%23emacs ... (PlannerModeMaintenance)
B2XReply postponing to another weekend: E-Mail%20from%20Chiba%20Tomoko (TaskPool)
B3XSend mail script: E-Mail%20from%20Per%20Unneberg (PlannerModeMaintenance)
B4XReply about PDA and automation: E-Mail%20from%20Peter%20Davis (PlannerModeMaintenance)
BXWrite a note: E-Mail%20from%20Dominique%20Cimafranca
B6XLook for a Toyama dial-up ISP for Roselle's friend ... (TaskPool)
B7CAsk Dominique about September 10 (TaskPool)
B8CReply to adsense about site being under construction: E-Mail%20from%20Google%20AdSense (TaskPool)
B9CPackage emacs-wiki 2.63: E-Mail%20from%20Michael%20Olson (PlannerModeMaintenance)

5. sacha/planner-create-note-from-task: 22:53

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;; Improvements:
;; - Link back to the task?
;; - Make it possible to have your note on another page?
(defun sacha/planner-create-note-from-task ()
  "Create a note based on the current task."
  (let* ((task-info (planner-current-task-info))
    (when task-info
      (setq note-num (planner-create-note (planner-page-name)))
          (when (planner-find-task task-info)
             (concat (planner-task-description task-info) " "
                      (concat (planner-page-name) "#"
                              (number-to-string note-num))
      (insert (planner-task-description task-info) "\n\n"))))

;; I use F9 p to go to today's page, anyway.
(define-key planner-mode-map (kbd "C-c C-n") 'sacha/planner-create-note-from-task)


4. Look for a Toyama dial-up ISP for Roselle's friend

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<resolve> http://bbapply.com/ - guy handles yahoobb signups in english for free

3. Make it easy to create a linked note based on a task: [[irc://saberhagen.freenode.net/#emacs][Chat%20on%20saberhagen.freenode.net%23emacs]]

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New planner thought: Make it work for one person first, then make it flexible if other people want something like it.

2. Debian Installer Tagalog translations: 17:01

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<bubulle> sachAway: I just commited the first version of Debian Installer
          Tagalog translations
<sachAway> bubulle: Wonderful!
<sachAway> bubulle: I'll write Eric Pareja a thank you note.


Related mailing lists:

- Filipino Linux Documentation Project (http://banwa.upm.edu.ph/mailman/listinfo/fldp) (just starting) - Tagalog localization for Debian (http://banwa.upm.edu.ph/mailman/listinfo/debian-tl) (just starting)


1. Planner brainstorming: 15:50

<Lukhas> overkill is often linked with "fun", or "geeky"
<sachAway> <cough>planner</cough>
- tintin put a shared memory plugin on an evergrowing list of todos ...
<Lukhas> sachAway: good example :-)
<Lukhas> i'm using it for my homework now
<sachAway> Oooooh. <grin>
<sachAway> We're still figuring out how to do deadlines nicely. Any ideas?
<Lukhas> not at 07:30 in the morning :)
<johnsu01> sachAway: I don't think I need any other way to handle deadlines,
           really. But other people seem to.
- Lukhas doesn't handle deadlines at all
<johnsu01> sachAway: I don't understand what's wrong with just scheduling a
           task on the deadline that says deadline.
<sachAway> Some people want to know how far away the deadline is, I guess. I
           usually stick my deadline info into the tasks. (... by yyyy.mm.dd,
           or else! (TaskPool))
<johnsu01> Seems like that's what project pages do for me.
<johnsu01> #A0 _ Write article from 2004.11.19
<johnsu01> #A1 _ Article due from 2004.12.06
<sachAway> Oh, I see... =) Pretty nice!
<sachAway> So you review your plan pages to find out the deadline.
<johnsu01> (that's the project page view for Article)
<johnsu01> right.
<johnsu01> I also do things like:
<johnsu01> #A0 _ E-mail RMS from 2004.11.19 (Hacking)
<johnsu01> #A1 _ Expect reply from RMS from 2004.12.06 (Hacking)
<johnsu01> For keeping track of other people's deadlines.
<sachAway> Good idea! I don't keep track of most things I send out. Should
           probably... <muses> Might be a different module, or maybe I should
           investigate the use of bug tracking systems for personal
           information management.
<tintin> a count down timer at the bottom of emacs wont be bad :)
<tintin> in the planner mode
<tintin> ,color
<fsbot>  [->] EnablingFontLock is [0] at
<fsbot> [1] Emacs: (global-font-lock-mode 1) to .emacs
<fsbot> [2] perhaps install color-theme.el
<fsbot> [3] XEmacs: (setq font-lock-auto-fontify t)
<fsbot> [4] M-x customize-face default ..[Type ,more]
<sachAway> tintin: Timer toward?
<johnsu01> sachAway: But I do a lot of editing the task descriptions to
           include little status notes about them as well, like you mentioned.
<sachAway> Someone suggested making manual editing of task descriptions
           easier. Do you use planner-id, planner-edit-task-description, or a
           custom hack?
<johnsu01> At home I use planner-id, at work I do
<johnsu01> My work tasks are longer, so the clutter with id is more annoying.
<johnsu01> Plus I use stable there, and I was having problems with tasks not
<sachAway> Hmm. I've long wanted multi-line tasks, but haven't quite figured
           out how to deal with them nicely. Sorting and listing might become
           too magical.
<johnsu01> It seems difficult. There is the ugly solution of making them like
           code, and having a line continuation character (Python's \) or
<sachAway> But it will become even harder to read, that way...
<sachAway> Hmm. Better support for linking tasks to notes, maybe.
<johnsu01> That I would like.
<tintin> sachAway: timer toward the deadline for the first task
<sachAway> That looks like a reasonable hack I can squeeze into, say, my train
           ride home. =)
<sachAway> Err, the note thing.
<sachAway> The timer.. hmmm.
<johnsu01> If there were a way to have all of these links collapse ala outline
           mode, that would be nice.
<nested-section level="3"><title>dade` (~dade@ has joined channel #emacs</title>
<sachAway> johnsu01: Do you mean links in tasks, or outline and note headings?
<johnsu01> I was thinking in tasks. If we are now up to a context link, a date
           link, and a note link.
<johnsu01> or more, even.
<sachAway> Yeah, it's starting to get really long.
<johnsu01> But it's so nice to have it all there :)
<sachAway> So a module that puts all the information on one line, but hides it
           (or collapses the links to, like, the first N characters), and just
           displays the extra information in a temporary buffer upon some
           magic keystroke...
<johnsu01> That would be groovy.