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A1XStudy for test
A2XDo my laundry
B1XSet up xtla
B2XAdd brentoy to Orkut: E-Mail from brentoy@gmail.com
B3XAdd corporate profile (Adphoto)
B4XAdd map (Adphoto)
B5XLook at new pictures (Adphoto)
B6XCheck the link: E-Mail from Andrew J. Korty (PlannerModeMaintenance)
B7XFix emacsen-common dependency: E-Mail from Jan Alonzo (PlannerModeMaintenance)
B8XMake sure all blocks of tasks are carried forward (PlannerModeMaintenance)
B9XContemplate bug in planner-log-edit: E-Mail from Jody Klymak (PlannerModeMaintenance)

1. Asian governments start to speak the same language on Linux implementations: 12:36

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12/3/2004 12:05:53 PM - by Vawn Himmelsbach http://www.itbusiness.ca/index.asp?theaction=61&lid=1&sid=54320


Could Asia become a Linux stronghold? It's positioning itself to become one, as governments here try to limit their dependence on the Windows operating system.

E-Mail from Manny Amador

2. Ching blogs!: 12:46

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Food and leisure around Makati. Found through John Valdezco's site at http://www.geocities.com/kaladeth/ , which was news to me too. <laugh>