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1. Philippine websites ranked: 17:27

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From the Philippine PHP mailing list:

here's a site that lists the philippine's top sites by alexa. the one on cebu-online doesn't allow you to add new sites, this one does.


My site outranks the Philippine Web Awards and the Philippine Blog Awards. That's odd.

I also outrank Bluepoint Institute of Higher Technology Foundation. I like Engels and Magie, so I'm going to link to them here. <laugh>

Surprisingly, Adphoto &mdash; advertising photography and digital imaging outranks my website, at least according to Alexa. There, Mom, I hope you're happy. ;)

Must sit down and write more things. Also should make such things easily accessible.

E-Mail from edson pabilona

2. Demo tomorrow: 17:35

Objective: Give Prof. Chignell some ideas about Planner so that he can introduce me to the wearable computing and personal information management research groups.

I don't have to convince him to let me do this kind of research for my master's. I could use more time to bring out and document different usage patterns, anyway. I do want to show him that I care about users and I'm good at tweaking things for particular needs, though.

Medical handhelds seem very interesting. I don't have to take personal information management up for my master's as long as I make sure I talk to the people in that group and learn how they do research. Medical handhelds would be far more useful to people in the Philippines. I should get in touch with Doc Oly as well as the UP Manila folks.

What points can I highlight that will transfer well to that field?

- Different requirements: interface, functionality.

- Minimizing attention required: context switch, distraction,

automatic context.

- Evolving functionality based on user feedback. Quick development.

User-contributed code.

'course, I'll have to rewrite my StatementOfPurpose at some point.

3. Panic, panic: 18:09

MIT application coming up soon. Dec 15. Nearly forgot about it. Embarrassing, as I'm into personal information management. At least my statement of purpose has been put together already. May as well give it a shot. Need my transcript data, though. That will take me a day or so to key in, but I need the data first. Maybe my mom can take a picture of it and send it over tonight? Then she can work on the financial stuff - estimates should do - and we can finally get this application out the door.