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B0XFinish second scarf (Knitting)
B1XAttend 13:00 UTC / 22:00 JST debian-women meeting: E-Mail%20from%20Helen%20Faulkner
B0XFix nonexistent link problem: ../emacs/dev/emacs-wiki/emacs-wiki-publish.el (EmacsHacks)
B0XFollow up Novell CLP (TaskPool)
B0XReply: E-Mail from dds (SocialInteraction)
B0XCheck out: Scriviner's Fortress Journals (SocialInteraction)
BXReply: E-Mail from joshua marcelo
B0XUpdate Emacs installation (TaskPool)
B0XCheck out doc and reply: E-Mail from Sharon Straus (FurtherStudies)
B1CStudy for Novell CLP {{Deadline: 2004.12.19 - 1 days}}
B0CMeet JC Helary (SocialInteraction)

1. Knitting: 01:17

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I love knitting
I love knitting

Scarf, bunched up
Scarf, bunched up

Wearing the scarf
Wearing the scarf Wearing the scarf

I'm giving this as a gift tomorrow, so I have to take pictures of it today... <laugh>

2. Date shorthand when prompting for plan pages: 03:04

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The one-minute planner hack!
 <johnsu01> sachac: I wish there were a way to get the date shorthand when
            entering the page for a note, but I can't think of a reasonable way
            to do it.
 <johnsu01> sachac: Other than just making it an option to enable it.
 <johnsu01> Ruling out pages with numbers for names.
 <sachac> johnsu01: Oh. Don't we? Have the date shorthand, that is?
 <sachac> Ohhhh...
 <johnsu01> sachac: Nope, because it just prompts for a page name, not a date..
 <johnsu01> Which makes some sense.
 <sachac> johnsu01: Don't worry, it's easy to fix.
 <johnsu01> sachac: The question might be whether we want to assume that
            everyone wants a copy of the note to be put on the day's page when
            the note was made.
 <johnsu01> (current behavior)
 <sachac> (defadvice planner-read-name (after johnsu01 activate) (setq
          ad-return-value (planner-expand-name ad-return-value)))
 <sachac> Tada!
 <johnsu01> :)
 * sachac bows.
 <sachac> johnsu01: That'll make +1 work whenever planner reads a name, even
          when it just offers plan pages.
 <sachac> Dang. Forgot to timelog that. ;)
 <johnsu01> Well, let's see. irssi timestamps indicate about 1 minute :)
 <johnsu01> sachac: +1 worked :)
 <sachac> johnsu01: <bow, bow>
 * bpalmer straps johnsu01 into the Iron Maiden and prepares to quiz him
 * johnsu01 mumbles something about erc-select
 <sachac> johnsu01: Does it Do the Right Thing?
 <johnsu01> sachac: <applause>
 <johnsu01> sachac: Yes, looks like the annotations and everything are correct.
            Let me try some more variations.
 <johnsu01> Yep, great.
 <sachac> For some reason, I feel inordinately pleased with myself. <impish
 <johnsu01> I'll have to come up with some better challenges :)

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3. Tracking callers of elisp functions: 09:20

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You can display a call graph after byte-compiling a file by adding this to your ~/.emacs:
(setq byte-compile-generate-call-tree t)

bojohan also said that list-callers.el might be interesting.

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4. Emacs Lisp mentioned in job ad: 10:28

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<bojohan> job --> "SDE, Tech Assessment Team Amazon.com - US-WA-Seattle
          equivalent, proficiency with at least one functional language (such
          as Lisp, ML, or Haskell), strong Java 2... modeling, and emacs-lisp
          programming are strong plusses. External/Internal Candidates
          .Location: Seattle"
<sachac> Oooooooooooooooooh.
<forcer> Damn.
<bojohan> "emacs-lisp programming strong plus". when will you ever see that

Details: http://variety.careercast.com/texis/jobsearch/details.html?id=41ab6c0a6d6490

5. Scrabble with Sean: 18:35

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