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AXReview 2004 (ToReflectOn)

1. More Filipinos into open source development: 00:32

sachac: there's also my former work colleague - pol babao III -

he's the author of phpmylibrary.

2. March: 00:37

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3. April: 00:45

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4. May: 00:49

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5. June: 00:55

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6. July: 01:01

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7. And the rest of the year passed by in a blur: 01:10

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August Turned 21. Threw birthday party/send-off party. Didn't blog much; was very busy.
September, 2004.10.01 Japanese language studies. Lots of lectures blogged.
November Training at MSI. Met Prof. Chignel of UToronto. Gave talk on PIM for Tokyo Linux Users Group.
December More Japanese langueg studies.
Somewhere along the way, Dominique and I formalized our relationship. =) (Don't ask me when, though; I don't know.)

8. More open source work: 01:11

<pusakat> sachac: you'd be remiss if you don't include pmana's work. ;)
<pusakat> and of course, iptraf is by a pinoy.