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1. So far: contrast with strangeness

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GK Chesterton seems a little too weirded out by the East. I suppose 'Orientals' really were strange and unfamiliar, almost alien, to these Occidentals. The Chinaman--what an old term--is cited as an example of the strange and unknowable, because China was not connected to them by 'a bridge of old tradition'. GK Chesterton could identify more with David and Isaiah than with Asians in his own time.

I know the influence of Egypt, Babylon, Rome and Greece, but they don't account for all that I am. I don't know enough about the ancient civilizations of Asia to really identify with them, either, but there is that feeling of being _home_ here.

I should remember that this 'civilized history' he writes of is only _his_ civilized history. =)


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2. Mandrake translations

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3. Excellent newbie guide for Planner

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Clair Ching has posted a wonderful guide to Planner, complete with screenshots. Check out the following links:

- http://eclair.bizhat.com/emacs/plannernewbie.html - http://eclair.bizhat.com/emacs/plannerscreen1.html - http://eclair.bizhat.com/emacs/plannerscreen2.html

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